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Age and origin:
XVII century - In Belgium the place of origin of the Canary Malinois, the year and source is known not his choice knowing that descends from singing canaries reared in Belgium, in the region of Flanders, mainly in the city of Malines, which motivates the name this race.
For its position when singing in the host, robust and elongated body, gives rise to some researchers say that the MALINOIS race was descended from Canary Bossu (Belgian).
By their different appearance from the common canary, its size being about fourteen centimeters and the color of their plumage is usually yellow.
The Malinois is easy upbringing and possess very good qualities such as DVD. We must be careful with their diets, as we have with all singing canaries.
Characterized by harmonious, varied singing, singing strong and deep voices.
Also it called Waterslager, which in Flemish means literally "water ring" fully justifies this name for its pleasant song based on three tunes reminiscent of the sound of waterfalls.
Malinois not reach the perfection of Harzer canary song, as the Harzer have reached the most beautiful song of a bird can issue. Today it is the most widespread breed of singing.

Features: Height: 14-15 cm.

Reproductive skills: General óptimas.Características. Waterslager The term means "water sounds" and is equal to that heard when one of these crystalline canta.Su canaries singing is strong and broadly bass and is commonly issued to open beak, and has a variation of 12 tunes that remember the water diving .Among Malinois melodies are recognizable also notes some simple song of the nightingale.


Physical characteristics:

The Malinois has something bent the body, this feature are easily noticed when absorbed in their singing with lowered wings and tail slightly open.

The plumage is dark yellow or stained. I am strong, prolific and easy raising race, has a predisposition to aprendizaje.Los malinois are among the canaries cage easier to be raised and fed. We need not fall into the simplicity regarding its power because a too simple and monotonous regime does not provide the canary of all necessary substances for its prosperous existence.

The staple food of canaries will consist of a mixture of seeds full of sweet fresh fruit, vegetables, egg biscuit or feed substances and minerales.Se estimated that a canary consume half a year about six and a half kilograms food, this constituted by two thirds of seeds and other fresh vegetables.

As a general rule it is appropriate to provide food quickly and digestion as fruit and vegetables - during the morning and early afternoon, so canaries only towards evening consume food more consistent and rapid digestion, for maintain full stomach at night.

A mixture of good seeds to breed canaries singing can be as follows:

60 parts rapeseed;

Alpiste 20 parts;

Hemp 5 parts;

Niger 5 parts;

Avena 5 parts;

Amapola 3 parts;

Lino 1 part;

1 part lettuce

The singing by the Roller Malinois best songs that man has been able to get the kind Serinus - Canarius.Incluso exist some similarities between the two lovers singing races, whoever has heard only once the two races separately He knows that the statement and interpretation of the notes differ markedly.

While Harzer canary song is quite sweet, melodic and full of feeling of joy to nostalgia and joy of living up to the melancholy song of the Malinois it is exuberant, imaginative, varied and lively. His song repertoire is rich compositions.


It is in early October. Apprentices singing want to reach imitate adults willingly singing. But the skills to properly sing, do not have them yet. It is time to force them to focus on singing. This obligation is now possible preventing them from playing and peck, quarrel and distracted, just to deal with the canto.Para prevent and avoid these incidents is to be clear and logical: conveniently separate them, put them in individual cages in semidarkness them, give them a singing teacher. Thus our singers apprentices will not have to do anything but listen and imitate.

As we left exposed, it takes a dim singing for our students, but that is an adjustable semidarkness. This system of adjustment should be considered as the brake singing can become exaggerated, abusive and degenerate. Indeed, more than other birds singing, "Waterslager" are very anxious, nervous.

Then it should regulate temperature. Put them in the right places and put them in the right environment with a system of concealment simple, controlled and applied so adecuada.Habitualmente our song canary breeders have a special facility to carry out this important phase of learning. It is a closed cupboard with a curtain. Different cages edge are separated by a board or plate.

It is a simple, convenient device and gives full satisfacciones.Entre therefore to some advice from experienced breeders about how to act, you can follow or abstain. The master singer must be a "Waterslager" quality as complete and perfect song and, since perfection does not exist in this world, the best is not good enough. Consider the "influence of the factor" .The use of a disk, tape or other device in place of a master singer, by the experiments I've done and what I've read on this topic at the moment is irreplaceable master singer, product supply is very strong naturaleza.Una strongly discouraged for causing reluctance or laziness.

Hard, loud, non-musical sounds, which hurt the ear at odds with the song of the canary, it is necessary to remove them. Ideally, a temperature of 15 °. The health status of the singers apprentices should be monitored regularly and more completely. The birds that give the minor signs of disease should be segregated and maintained separately. Let us recall, once again, special care regarding the treatment of cages, food and drink containers, in terms of hygiene.
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