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It is, above all, a race of canaries singing, that is, we select our birds songbirds according to their abilities without considering aspects such as color, size or shape. It is the most directly linked to the wild canary in the Canary Islands, Azores and Madeira race. We tried to get our stamped remain close to the model of the wild canary singing, enhancing their innate powers and trying to eliminate its defects. This closeness to the wild canary determines the appearance of our horses, smaller than other races and form similar to their wild ancestors size. Also plumage, usually green or green and yellow spotted, but you can find stamped completely yellow, gray, white and cinnamon (brunos). Other colors, especially reds indicate crossings with color varieties resulting in disqualification in contests.

The canary was tamed by its striking song and from the beginning emerged Spanish breeders who dedicated themselves to cultivate. Surely those early canaries bred in captivity had a close singing a few lines of the current Ringing. It Is ringing Although this was the last race of singing officially recognized by the World Ornithological Confederation in 1962. Therefore we can say that Spanish is Ringing, at once ancient and modern breeds of singing.

Parents choose correctly is the breeding base, because there is no doubt that if they are bad players or singers are bad, breeding is doomed to failure.
Males must be strong, kind, gentle, sweet in her singing and have scored well in competitions. A good male canary serves to raise four to six years. After these years the males begin to falter and their offspring with them.
Getting a male:
You go to a good breeder usually you get good results, and before acquiring the copy requires the return of competition with the scores obtained by said male, since not everyone has that master the meaning of the notes Ringing "and I've seen with some breeders tricks deceive people beginning ". I recommend obtaining copies of 88 points on, which are readily available in competitions organized by all cities in Spain month from November until end of January.

The basic diet of canaries are the seeds from which we supply any shop suitable commercial mixtures. We will make sure that the product we buy is as fresh as possible and that the mixture contains a good variety of seeds. A defect of many commercial preparations is the overabundance of flaxseed or "flaxseed". Contrary to suckers goldfinches and canaries not particularly fond of this seed wasted, so we prefer mixtures little flaxseed. A highly recommended seed that much like the canary and recently added to some blends of quality is the "knob" high protein, fat and easily digestible content. Certain types of hemp are too large for the peak of canaries so we prefer small seed varieties. Both hemp as negrillo are useful in the encelamiento of breeding and fattening calves.

Two seeds that have been built in recent years to the diet of our canaries are foniopaddy and chia; the first is said to help prevent coccidiosis, the second is an outstanding source of protein and fat quality. Both, especially the latter, they are pleasing to the Canaries and can be supplied in moderation if we are willing to pay the high cost

The standard commercial mixtures are often too rich in oilseeds which can cause digestive problems our birds so that, except during the breeding or molt, undercut birdseed mixtures using clean up to a 70-75% percent latter.

Once or twice a week will provide our birds fresh fruits and vegetables. Among especially fruits like apple (choose sweet and juicy varieties little rust), but also pleasing them pear, peach, melon, vegetables fresh figs ... previously we wash and dry them well. The usual lettuce (always choose the greener varieties and less heart, avoiding the type "iceberg") can be added broccoli, peppers, spinach, chard, cucumber ... Broccoli, for its high protein content, is very convenient in the boot stage and early development of the offspring.

The pasta breeding is used in times when our birds need a protein supplement quality, ie, the time of boot stage of the young and its first development once separated from parents, but can also be used during molting adult birds. There are wet and dry pasta, this latter with a higher percentage of fat. In particular it is desirable to dry add some moisture to facilitate their ingestion, which is achieved by incorporating cous- cous, grated apple, sprouted seeds or boiled egg crushed and mixed until a nice texture to the canaries not excessively caked. Employed egg or sprouts will have to prepare the mixture preferably every day, especially in warm weather, to avoid bacterial contamination or enmohecimientos


While one based on seeds, fruit and vegetable diet is generally sufficient to maintain healthy our canaries, there are other products that will help to strengthen your immune system and prevent some common diseases, especially digestive system to which birds cage are especially prone

The grit
"grit" is referred to compounds prepared fragments of shells, stones, pieces of charcoal or small grains of sand that swallowed the canary to aid digestion of seeds in the gizzard. Choose grit types that incorporate pieces of shells as these are also a good source of calcium easily absorbed by birds, essential for bone development and formation of eggshells. We will provide as much as you consume at least once a week.

Pre and probiotics
Probiotics are cultures of certain bacteria and yeasts that are installed in the digestive system, promote the digestibility of food and prevent the growth of pathogens. Acquired in veterinary establishments, taking care that are specific to birds. In principle it is sufficient to administer them, usually mixed with pasta breeding, every 10 to 15 days and always after treatment with antibiotics or other drugs that may alter the stomach bacterial flora. Prebiotic is called to certain types of sugars (oligofructose) and dietary fiber that favor the development of probiotics. A product of prebiotic and very economical action is apple vinegar it is convenient to provide a few drops into the trough a couple of times a week.

Spirulina is an algae grown in inland lakes of brackish water that is sold dried and powdered. Its protein content is very high so it is used especially during breeding although very rich in vitamins and amino acids of all kinds is also convenient suministarla occasionally during the rest of the year, mixed in small quantities with pasta breeding.

Sprouting increases the nutritional value and digestibility of seeds so that the birds ingest very happy. small quantities can be supplied 2 or 3 times a week, alone or mixed with paste breeding. To avoid enmohecimientos is convenient, once germinated, wash them in water with a few drops of bleach or iodine and rinse thoroughly. For the same reason only needed to be provided the amount that will be ingested in a day.

If we provide our birds variety of seeds, fruits and vegetables, some sunshine from time to time and complementary products such as spirulina and sprouts we can be sure they will not need any vitamin supplement. In any case, more than necessity preventing and controlling much the dose can supply in preparation for breeding, vitamins A, D and E vitamins and during the change of groups B and A

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