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Agaporni Roseicolli


The Agaporni Roseicolli, known as Inseparable Neck Rosa, is a native of southwest Africa. It prefers open terrain, desert and savannah areas. He likes the water as other Agapornis species, and is capable of flying at night to look for her.

Plumage has a green base, stronger in some areas than others. The reddish color of his head blurs in a beautiful deep pink on the front of the head and neck. The tail is green with blue undertones. The bill is flesh-colored and gray legs.

It is sociable, sweet and always cheerful. It is an extremely gregarious bird.

In this species, there are many mutations (Agaporni roseicollis Amarillo, Ala roseicollis Agaporni Pearly and mutated with a "white face"). There is also a subspecies Agaporni catacumbella roseicollis. This breed, grows to 15 cms.

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