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Bañera para pajarera

Bañera para pajarera
Bañera para pajarera
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  • Brands 2 Gr
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Bathtub aviary especially for the prestigious Italian brand 2GR. It offers plenty of space for your birds to bathe properly. Through this practice your bird bath can be refreshing and pleasant bathrooms.

Ideal for small parrots and parakeets, lovebirds, nymphs parakeets, canaries, etc.

Birds spend many hours a day grooming to keep their feathers clean and tidy. Bathrooms are part of their daily activity to remove dust and parasites. You can offer your animals bath once a day, especially in the warmer months. In winter or when the weather is not, they can distance up to 2-3 baths a week. Once you take your bath, the water discarded.

The bathtub is very easy to clean and can be washed and disinfected regularly.

The tub measures 17 cm wide x 24 cm deep x 16 cm high.

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