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Pienso Lori pequeña talla LOR Unifeed

Pienso Lori pequeña talla LOR Unifeed Food for loris
Pienso Lori pequeña talla LOR Unifeed
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Feed Lori small size LOR Unifeed

Lori / small size lorichetti (product called small size Lor-y-feed): compound feed for small lorichetti and lorichetti with high caloric value. Composition: sugars, vegetable proteins, cereals, minerals, amino acids, vitamins, probiotics, antioxidants, aromas. Instructions for use: administer the product as it is in a special trough. To speed up the intake, mix in an increasing dose with the product already in use. Make clean water available every day. Close package after opening to preserve its fragrance, store in a cool, dry place. Types: there is only one type that provides the presence of abrasive particles in the mixture which, in the case of dry administration, eliminates any food residue in the oral cavity, preventing oral candidiasis phenomena so frequent in lori. Warnings: Be sure to take the product scrupulously before completely replacing the other foods with LOR-Y-FEED. Dry administration is recommended.

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