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Goodbye Ornizin Insects Insect free aviary Natural repellent against palomillas, flies and mosquitoes. Target species: Birds and their aviaries, cages and flyers Composition: Natural plant extracts How to use: Spray on insects or room for the accommodation of birds infected with insec..
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Black Bird Ornizin Black Pigmentation Enhancer Boosts black pigmentation and oxidation. Target species: Melian and fringilid canaries. Format: 160 ml. NGREDIENTS: Plant and amino acid extract with black pigmentation and oxidation power. ANALYSIS: Crude Protein:..
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Ornizin heat concentrate Ornizin Heat Stimulator (Concentrated) 200g - Song and Paste REINFORCED with MACA DESTINATION SPECIES: Carduelis, serinus and their hybrids. (JILGUEROS, CARDENALITOS DE VENEZUELA, VERDERONES, PARDILLOS, ETC ...) Vitamin and protein concentrate that stimulates ..
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Ornizin Encelador is a song and fertility stimulant for canaries, goldfinches, linnets, greenfinches and other songbirds.Characteristic:With nettle and maca extract, natural fertility stimulantsStimulates the heat of the males and the fertility of the femalesOrnizin Encelador serves to prepare the b..
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End Ornizin Picaje Aimed at all types of birds. Adequate supplementation with amino acids, vitamins and minerals to cover the nutritional needs of our birds prevents itching and associated problems. container: 1kg..
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Kalmizin Antiestrés Ornizin 160ml Use in stress situations, such as competitions, transports, etc ... Target species: Ornamental Birds. How to use: Use a day or two a week to keep the birds relaxed. Dosage: 4 drops in 30 ml or 6 ml per liter of drinking water or kilo of pasta. Package..
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Kure Ornizin Ornizin Kure (Coccidiosis) For deficiency states in birds with intestinal pathologies produced by coccidia or megabacteria. Target species: European fauna, exotic, canaries, psittacids, etc. INGREDIENTS: Natural plant extracts. ANALYSIS: Crude Protein:..
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Ornizin Megabacter is a concentrate of plant extracts and medicinal herbs. It acts against megabacteria of canaries, goldfinches, lovebirds, parakeets or diamonds and has antifungal and antibacterial action.Dose:Curative: 4 drops in 30 ml of water for 10 to 20 days (6 ml per liter of water or kg of ..
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Dumb without Dore Ornizin Vitamin with amino acids without golden brown. Target species: Ornamental birds such as canaries, goldfinches, diamonds, parakeets, lovebirds and columbiforms. Dosage; Preventive - 1 ml per liter of water. Curative - from 3 to 6 ml per liter of water. H..
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Ornizin Becobio Natur is a natural antibiotic that fights infectious processes caused by bacteria, megabacteria, salmonella, colibacilli, Escherichia coli and other pathogens in canaries, goldfinches and all kinds of birds.Characteristic:Proven effective natural antibioticMade with extracts of medic..
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Ornizin Dermoprotector Indicated for the injuries of the legs of the birds, caused by mites or other agents Apply a little of the ointment on the legs of your bird, carefully and massaging the affected areas, or preferably, on all the legs and nails to prevent the infection from spreading. ..
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Ornizin Tagete and Cartamo Extract Ornizin Extract of Tagete and Cartamo is an ideal natural complement to reinforce the pigmentation or coloring of our ornamental birds such as goldfinches or pardillos. 100ML FORMAT..
Ex Tax:10.91€
Ornizin Muco Reactive Muco Reative is a powerful regenerator of the intestinal mucosa Composed of natural plants, Muco Reactiv can be used in all types of ornamental birds. Always administer after treatments and when they have a bowel problem 160 ml format. Administer 4 drops in 30 ml..
Ex Tax:14.55€
Ornizin Muda Plus is especially indicated for periods of molting, reinforcing the bird's defenses and helping to carry out a clean molt.Use in the moulting period in the drinking water or in the paste, the dosage must be 6ml per liter or kg of paste administered three times a week for two weeks.Comp..
Ex Tax:11.36€
Ornizin MultivitTotal multivitamin that will help our birds do not decay and have optimal health.How to use: 2 days a week at the dose of 4 drops in 30 ml or 6 ml in liter or kilo of pasta.Stable in water 72 hours.160ml format..
Ex Tax:11.36€
ORNIZIN Multivit sin dore is a vitamin supplement for canaries that do not affect the pigments, Multivit is a complex of vitamins and amino acids. Species of destination: Canaries that can not affect the pigments. Use in water or paste at a rate of 4 drops in 30 ml or 6 ml per liter or kg of p..
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Ornizin Protective liver powder 500 gr Milk Thistle and Artichoke Concentrate Ensures optimal liver function Use whenever necessary to strengthen and protect the liver of our birds, after treatments, pigmentation or at our discretion. Target species: Ornament Birds Dose: 40 g per kilo..
Ex Tax:10.36€
Ornizín Recuperador K, is a product for deficiency states, with electrolytes, vitamin K, amino acids and vitamins.With electrolytes, vitamin K, amino acids and vitamins.Apply during and after curative treatments.When returning from trips, competitions, exhibitions, etc...In any situation of stress f..
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Liquid vitamin A specifically elaborated for use in birds, especially indicated to add in the paste of recessive white lipochrome canaries and/or lutinous birds.Improves vision, pigmentation, plumage and bone formation.Directions for use: Administer 3 to 5 ml per drinking water. Change the water dai..
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Ornizin Vitamin B12 Rapid assimilation metabolic stimulant. Recover metabolic diseases. Increases appetite and vitality. Stimulates growth. Improves reproduction Against fatigue and stress. Target species: Goldfinches, canaries, exotic, psittacidae and cage birds in general.   INGREDIENT..
Ex Tax:6.18€
Natural regulator for daily use of the drinking pH of all kinds of birds.fungicide and bactericidePowerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal action, thanks to its combination of citric acid and phosphoric acid.N-butyric, short-chain dietary fatty acids that will help regulate intestinal transit, are ad..
Ex Tax:5.82€
Preventium Ornizin Supplement aid in intestinal pathologies that affect birds. Ingredients: Natural plant extracts Analysis: Crude protein..
Ex Tax:11.64€
Ornizin Hepatic Protector Milk Thistle Extract (Silybum Marianum), Artichoke Extract (Cynara scolymus) and Glycerol Optimizes liver function high regenerating and fortifying power. Target species; Ornamental birds such as canaries, goldfinches, diamonds, parakeets, lovebirds and columbiform..
Ex Tax:10.91€
ORNIZIN Super Top Breeding - Natural antibiotic substituteThe best antibiotic substitute, completely natural, with more than 5 years of studies with 100% plants, naturally kills and repels bacteria such as megabacteria, colibacillosis, escherichia coli, salmonellosis, completely natural, and a revol..
Ex Tax:11.78€
The best antibiotic substitute, completely natural, with more than 5 years of studies with 100% plants, naturally kills and repels bacteria such as megabacteria, colibacillosis, escherichia coli, salmonellosis, completely natural, and a revolution in the breeding and treatment of birds.How do I use ..
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Tembio Plus Ornizin contains natural plant extracts that help control coccidia, bacteria and fungi, as well as regulate intestinal transit and strengthen the bird's immune system.Target species:Goldfinches, cardinals from Venezuela, siskin, linnet, etc...INGREDIENTS:Cereals, seeds, bakery products, ..
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It helps to clean internal parasites. Ingredients: Extracts of natural plants Way of Use: apply 4 drops in 30ml of water 3 consecutive days every 4 months. You can directly apply 1 drop in the peak as a single shot. Shake well before use. 100 ml..
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Total Calcium Ornizin Compensates for calcium and vitamin deficiency states, digestive and liver problems. Avoid backflow of the crop during the paste. 160ml composition Vitamins: A500UI, D3 210UI, E 2.75MG, K3 4MG, B1 5MG, B2 4.5MG, B5 7.5MG, B6 2.5MG, B12 0.125MCG, C 1.5MG, BIO..
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100% natural vitamin mineral supplementCompounds based on herbs and plant extracts that will help us in the treatments and as a preventive against Trichomoniasis.How to use:Give 2 drops directly to the beak every 12 hours for 2 days and 4 to 6 drops in 30 ml of drinking water.Larger quantities:Liter..
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