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Pack Protocolo contra coccidios

Pack Protocolo contra coccidios
Pack Protocolo contra coccidios
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Coccidiosis is a zoonotic intestinal parasitic disease widespread worldwide in poultry farming and, due to the increase in production birds, the incidence of the disease has also increased. This is caused by the protozoan microorganisms known as Coccidia, where the species of the genus Eimeria are the main cause of this parasitism in farm birds. The parasites penetrate the interior of the body via water or food and invade the walls of the intestine, causing inflammation and diverse damages.

With this protocol we will manage to eliminate in most cases this type of disease that causes so many casualties in our aviaries.

The package to carry out this treatment consists:

- Hepabird Forte 100 g

- Coxbird Forte 50 g

- Coxbird 30 ml

- Probird 75 g

- BKBird (BK vitamins) 30 ml

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