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EUMELANIN PLUS is a nutritional supplement of trace metals and amino acids at doses studied to enhance the oxidation of black eumelanin. At the right doses it helps to improve oxidation in Canary and Canary birds by stimulating the synthesis of black melanin. Avianvet, has obtained with this s..
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FEOMELANIN PLUS is a nutritional supplement for canaries brunos and faeos formulated by Avianvet. Several years of studies and the best breeders of canary faeos endorse this fantastic product to stimulate the synthesis of pheomelanin and mutated brown eumelanin. Avianvet, has obtained with thi..
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Singing stimulator. It stimulates the song and strength of the bird, increasing its vitality and dominant force.Fluid extracts of: Yohimbre (Pausinystalia yohimbre), Maca (Lepidium meyenii), Ginseng (Panax ginseng), Kola Nut (Cola nitida), Muira Puama (Ptychopetalum olacoides), Damiana (Turnera..
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The Quiko Seaweed has a natural color enhancing effect of plumages. Naturally intensifies (red, brown, black) dark pigment of melanin, increasing the optimum brightness level and improving your metabolism.   Administration: Mix 5 grams in a liter of water or a kilo of pasta, two or three times a ..
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  Quiko, Legs and Picos Pigment Powder Sol. 250g The bistorta Quiko naturally intensifies the dark pigmentation of all calloused parts. It stimulates metabolism and digestion. Dosage: approximately 50 grams in 1 kg of egg noodles Store in a dry place..
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Food reinforcing ridge. Especially recommended to stimulate and develop the singing of canaries, finches and other songbirds. In breeding season enhances the fertility of the birds and reinforces the eggshell. During moulting molting improves and provides higher brightness and beauty. It has..
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Suskewiet for the song of the wild (great contributor in competitions) Powdered Suskewiet is a specialty that provides all the necessary elements to obtain and maintain an optimal shape for wild birds. The birds are activated and favor their desire to sing. Give a spoon of coffee (5gr) of ..
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Bella de Noche (Special mask of the goldfinches)Seed that highlights the colors of the plumage of birds, especially indicated to get the red masks in goldfinches.Rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids from the Omega 6 acid series, which facilitate the proper functioning of the body's cells.125 grs..
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It reinforces the melanin and black eumelanin of the plumage of the beak and legs.Complementary feed for all melanistic canaries and lizards.COMPOSITION : Mixture of marine and lacustrine algae.500 grams..
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Reinforces eu-pheomelanin and favors brown color sedimentation.Complementary feed for all canaries faeo, pastel and opal.COMPOSITION: Brown seaweeds of the ascophyllum genus from the Irish seas.500 grs..
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Best Mosaic (Mosaic factor canary dye)Canataxanthin, Beta carotene, Carotenoids and Xanthophylls Color and intensify the red color of canaries MOSAIC factor.DOSE: It is recommended to add 7 to 10 grams of product per 1 kg of molting feed.200 grs..
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Colors and intensifies the red color for all bird species.COMPOSITION: Canthaxanthin 10% min...
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Black Bird Ornizin Black Pigmentation Enhancer Boosts black pigmentation and oxidation. Target species: Melian and fringilid canaries. Format: 160 ml. NGREDIENTS: Plant and amino acid extract with black pigmentation and oxidation power. ANALYSIS: Crude Protein:..
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Colouring for black birds (Suitable for black canaries and lizards Oxidation Eumelanin and part corneas)Black Noir is an indispensable nutritional supplement for those who want to obtain the maximum expression in the melanin colouring of our champions.It naturally stimulates the organism to optimise..
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Blackbird is a supplement of vitamins and essential amino acids specially indicated to favor the oxidation and the increase of black eumelanin in the process of creation and change of the plumage. It considerably improves the eumelanic quality of the specimens.Instructions for use: Administer 10gr o..
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Brownbird by ForteBird is a food supplement of vitamins and essential amino acids specially indicated to favor the oxidation and the increase of pheomelanin in the process of creation and change of the plumage. It considerably improves the pheomelanic quality of the specimens, especially in phaeus a..
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Bruni (Oxidación Brunos Y Faeos)Suitable for Canaries Brunos and PheasantsOptimises Bruna (Brown) oxidation, favouring the maximum development ofpheomelanin and eumelanin.It is an indispensable nutritional supplementfor those who want to obtain the maximum expression in the Oxidation of the melanins..
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Máscara Roja Muda Jilgueros avianvet 100 gr..
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ORTY-MAX Liquid Enhancer zeal and singing Green Nettle Extract, Oregano, Thyme, Tehobroma Cocoa and vitamins. Improves health by increasing zeal, power and quality of singing goldfinches, suckers, buntings and other birds cage. Green Nettle dry extract, dry extract of Oregano, Thyme dry extract,..
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Food supplement for birds that helps to strengthen their singing and improve their health.Ingredients: Birdseed, black birdseed, cardon, thousand seeds, small hempseed, linseed, perilla, lettuce, aniseed, lavender, vitamins and toning seeds.It is a product for songbirds, made with a high selection o..
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Complementary food, rich in vitamins and amino acids, especially enriched with vitamin E and vitamins of group B.Improves the quality of singing and promotes sexual desire and fertility, also reduces tiredness or fatigue in stressful situations.COMPOSITIONPropylene glycol and SucroseADDITIVES (per 1..
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Composite food that strengthens, enhances and restores the song of all kinds of birds thanks to its high energy and tonic. Ingedientes: hemp seed, cactus, endive, lettuce, linseed, rape black, negro, poppy seed, vit. yellow, anise..
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Super Sing is a complementary food for the breeding season of the birds.Composition: Cereals, mixture of natural plants, isoflavonoids from legumes, vegetable proteins, maltodextrin.How to use: 10 grams per kg of food, feed or breeding pastePresentation: 100 g...
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Composite food that strengthens, enhances and restores the singing birds of all kinds thanks to its high energy and tonic. This product has been created based on a balanced vitamin and mineral oil, wheat germ, with the addition of selected seeds of high quality and high nutritional value. bene..
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