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Quiko Espirulina

Quiko Espirulina
Quiko Espirulina
Quiko Espirulina
Quiko Espirulina
Quiko Espirulina
Quiko Espirulina
Quiko Espirulina
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Health and strengthens the immune system. Enhances the natural color of the plumage

The main feature of Quiko Spirulina is the excellent combination of the different components and their ability to perform its many functions together. Quiko Spirulina enhances the natural color of the plumage, improving its structure; increases strength and reduces the possibility of defects in the same.

Quiko Spirulina strengthens the immune system and maintains the natural balance of the intestines.

Quiko Spirulina is especially helpful during breeding.

Alga exceptionally rich in proteins (60-70%), amino acids (tryptophan), vitamins, essential fatty acids (gamma-linolenic acid), unsaponifiable (carotenoids, sterols, xanthophylls), mucilage, minerals: selenium. Satiating action: due to its high mucilage and protein content creates a feeling of gastric fullness, thereby reducing appetite; enmucílagos its content also has a demulcent effect (= emollient, which relaxes and softens partesinflamadas), inflammatory mucosal-protective mechanical and laxative. (Source: Phytotherapy Vademecum)


Small 250 g

Large 500g
5 grams (one teaspoon) per 1 kg. pasta breeding 

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