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Transforms drinking water into a food with very high qualities. It is a complementary feed made up of a high quality, water-soluble protein concentrate. It is indicated as feed all year round, but it is essential during the phases of the biological cycle of the birds in which the protein contribution is more important. In preparation for breeding: females need a higher intake when preparing to lay eggs. During the growth of the chicks in the nest, since it shortens the period of permanence of the chicks in the nest and increases their size. During molting: the hatching of the feather also requires a supply of top quality protein. It is possible to supply the product with the paste but it is much more effective in the drinking water.


Dairy products, cereal grain products, beet sugar industry products, seed and fruit products.


Use: dissolve in the drinking water or mixed with the paste.

Dosage: 30 g per liter of water or 1.5 measures (3 g) per 100ml of water or 100 g per kg of pasta. When supplied in the drinking water it is very important to replace it every day. A severe daily hygiene of the drinking trough.

Duration of treatment: 3 to 4 weeks continuously.

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