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Suplemento Calcio Soluble Serinus

Suplemento Calcio Soluble Serinus
Suplemento Calcio Soluble Serinus
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  • Brands Psittacus
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Serinus Soluble Calcium Supplement

The soluble calcium supplement is a complementary food for all types of birds.

Reference species: Psittacine birds, pigeons, finches, canaries, goldfinches, cardinals .......

Feeding instructions: Dilute 11 to 23 g of Soluble Calcium Supplement per liter of drinking water, 3 to 5 days a week. Use the maximum dose only at times of greatest need for calcium: egg laying and chick growth. If the birds consume a complete feed correctly balanced in calcium and also have permanent voluntary access to calcium sand, this supplement is not recommended except in special circumstances or by veterinary prescription.

DAILY INGESTION: See Feeding Instructions.

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION: This water-soluble source of calcium increases the calcium available in the diet to facilitate the correct calcification of eggshells and the bones of growing chicks. It can be administered preventively or as a treatment in situations of calcium deficiency. It is important not to exceed the recommended dose indicated above, so as not to depress the ability of the birds to mobilize calcium from the bones.

COMPOSITION: Minerals: Calcium lactate, calcium gluconate, maltodextrin, sodium chloride.

ADDITIVES: Flavoring: Mixture of flavors


Moisture 3.0%, Calcium 10.0%, Sodium 3.9%, Phosphorus 0.0%.

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