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Fortebird Chemifarma (concentrado proteico para aves)

Fortebird Chemifarma (concentrado proteico para aves) Complementos proteicos
Fortebird Chemifarma (concentrado proteico para aves)
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Chemifarma Fortebird is a protein concentrate for egg paste that increases the biological value and protein efficiency of the diet of ornamental birds in all situations of greatest need.

In particular, it indicates:

optimize the protein content of food;

in the breeding phase of the young;

keep the birds in the best conditions of muscular tone, movement and consequent vivacity;

for a quick recovery during convalescence;

to avoid situations of weakness in elderly subjects.

Analytical components: Crude protein 94%

Composition: pure casein with a high concentration of protein.

Instructions for use: mix carefully in the following quantity 5-10 gr per kg of food. During the chick rearing period, administer it continuously to the breeders.

Packaging: 250 gr jar.

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