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Autenticas gotas Yellow

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Autenticas gotas Yellow
Autenticas gotas Yellow
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The authentic Yellow Drops, original Formula (the secret of the great champions)

The Authentic Yellow Drops

Formula used at the highest level by champions from around the world. For pigeons and canaries

Products called "yellow drops" have recently become fashionable; Many manufacturers have released their version of the yellow drops, but do not be confused, the authentic Yellow Drops is a product used by the great champions for decades.

⦿ The Authentic Yellow Drops (original formula) are different from the rest

The Authentic Yellow Drops are a product different from the others currently existing in the market, because it has a peculiarity very difficult to find in other products:
✓ They almost instantly eliminate the FUNGI, Trichomonas and Bacteria existing in the upper respiratory and digestive system, besides eliminating dust and pollen accumulated in the respiratory tract, causing inflammations and allergies.

⦿ How to distinguish the authentic Yellow drops from the rest

The original formula of the Yellow Drops has very specific characteristics that allow us to distinguish them from others:
- Thick dark brown liquid
- Light pleasant smell of eucalyptus
- They tinge the skin, being very difficult to eliminate the spots
- Treatment and prevention of respiratory infections
- Very effective for disorders of the upper digestive system
- Effective in the treatment of mucosal inflammations caused by Trichomonas, Fungi, Bacteria and Viruses.
- Eliminates, in a spectacular way, all the mucus of the upper respiratory tract, improving breathing during flights and, therefore, considerably increasing the performance in competitions in the case of pigeons.

⦿ How and when to use the Yellow Drops

- We must apply the Yellow Drops the day of the return (preferably at night) and the day before the basket.
- It suffices to apply a drop in each nostril and a direct drop to the peak.
- Also administer the new specimens before entering the pigeon house, as a preventive to avoid diseases.
- For exposures: between 7-10 days before exposure, just apply a small drop in each nostril.
During the first day, the nasal passages acquire a black color, which after 24-48 hours will disappear (video is recommended).
- As maintenance: apply a small drop in each nostril, once a week.
- Manage also the new birds that we introduce in the aviary as preventive to avoid diseases.

⦿ What we will achieve using the Authentic Yellow Drops

- Effective control of trichomonas
- Disinfection of the respiratory tract, eliminating fungi and bacteria
- Cleaning of the upper respiratory tract, eliminating accumulated dust and pollen

 The results are spectacular

FORMAT: - 30ml

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