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Resistance-Photos - balance  Avicur Bird is a cure for health based on plant extracts that maintains the balance of the immune system of birds. It is essential for the shape of birds at the start of the championships and in case of a drop or so after an illness. Make a treatment of ..
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Comed Clean Oral is an innovative and durable solution for increasing resistance to pathogenic germs. Comed Clean Oral is a probiotic-based product that can be mixed with drinking water to preserve algae and bacterial pathogens. Thanks to the presence of probiotics, a healthy microflora is achieved,..
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Comed Vitamin A.Vitamin A powderVitamin A powder specifically made for use in birds.Especially indicated to add in the canary paste of white recessive lipochrome and / or lutino birds.Vitamin A helps the formation and maintenance of soft tissues and bones, mucous membranes and healthy skin. ..
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Use for deficiency of vitamin EDosage: One teaspoon (5 grams) per kg feed..
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 Cometaves Bird is a special product that provides all the elements necessary to achieve and maintain an optimal way for all kinds of birds (canaries, exotic and citácidos). Bird Cometaves 32 is composed of: vitamins, trace elements, soy proteins and plant extracts to maintain intestinal..
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Bird Cholin comin-B-Complex is a solution of amino acids, electrolytes, vitamins, glucose, methionine and choline. Strengthens and supports metabolism bird in any stressful situation.       Particularly recommended diets high in protein (prevents and improves liver overload).     Advisa..
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Egglight Bird is a food-based and highly digestible vegetable protein equivalent to 100%. Contains a sufficient amount of essential amino acids balanced. Bird Egglight can replace egg dough, thus reducing the amount of fat (which contains egg yolk) ingested by the bird. Bird Egglight also prevents u..
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Exibi Eat Bird is specially designed for the preparation of the birds before the contests supplement. Exibi Bird provides the nutrients needed to allow birds to withstand the stress of transport, the excitement of competition and changes in diet. Bird Exibi helps maintain a high level of natural def..
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  Fertibol Bird is a suspension based on calcium, phosphorus and vitamins A, D and E necessary for the eggs are larger and have a perfect structure for hatching. Ideal for a solid formation and skeletal development of young birds.Leaving a coffee cucharda (5ml) per 250g. food. Star..
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The oil replaces Megabactol breeding Bird during the breeding period. This oil is adapted to the specific needs of parents during this period.Administer 2 tablespoons (10ml) per kg feed..
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Garlic oil 1L
-10 %
Great for supply in winter and / or the breeding once a week, and move in the two days a week.A teaspoon (5ml) per kg of food.Keep in a cool, dry placeFlavor soya oil..
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Garlic oil is a quality oil Comed.Usage - winter, breeding, racing season: 1 day a week. -preparation of racing season: 1 a week. - in the moult: 2 days a week. Dose: 1 teaspoon of coffee (5 ml) per kg of food.Keep in a cool, dry place.Packing: 250 ml..
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Bird Lysocur forte is a health treatment with plant extracts, which maintains the equilibrium of the system inmunitariode birds. Liquefies mucus (viscous or sticky eyes) and let clean membranes.Important: for best results use while Lysocur Loftspray Bird.How to use: Administer every two days..
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Bird Megabactol contains essential oils with stimulants and blood purifying properties : garlic oil for its purifying and antiseptic oil, cod liver , source of vitamin A, necessary for the eyes and skin, and vitamin D , which helps to the formation of calcium for strong bones . Lecithin , an importa..
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Murium Bird is a preparation for molting canaries, exotic and citácidos. Promotes growth of plumage with its specific vitamins and nutrients. It avoids the difficult and complicated silent.Give Murium every day during moulting. To mix the product more easily under the food, moisten with murol. ..
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Roni was developed to maintain good peak mucous membranes , throat and digestive system . Among other things, by the application of a mucous film special carbon hydrates .   This combination stimulates the immune system and ensures a good and quick digestion. The composition nourishes the intestin..
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This oil is adapted to the specific needs of birds in captivity. The product is based on a very careful selection of oils, recommended to combat the negative effects of stress and championships and life in captivity. The birds are territorial and fight to defend their territory, this excitation is b..
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Suskewiet powder is a specialty that provides all the elements necessary for obtaining and maintaining an optimal way for wild bird. The birds are activated and promote their desire to sing.Leaving a coffee spoon (5g) of Suskewiet per 250g of food for 4 days before the competition..
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Transcutine applies Bird bird legs so they pick a pretty pink color thanks to the powerful action of its components, which provide an excellent way to bird.Administered twice a week minimum especially when the racing season arrives.Container: 60 ml..
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WinMix birds Bird gives all the vitamins and trace elements needed for an active and harmonious life. Contains essential for good muscle proteins, which are also essential during the breeding period. Contains v..
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Appetose provides a better appetite.During breeding, especially after weaning when the young have to develop their own immune system. In this delicate period, a good appetite is of utmost importance.During races, a fit pigeon can sometimes eat less. When it is ensured that such pigeons conti..
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Floracom plant extract is a performance-enhancing and health-preserving dietary supplement.Moreover Floracom is useful in many areas: It strengthens the intestinal flora, improves the resistance of the organism, supports the muscle function and the metabolism.The peculiarity of Floracom - plan..
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Ultracom contains a mixture of 10 active components that we chose for:1. increase the resistance of the organism.2. support the defence system.3. cleanse the respiratory tract.4. support the respiratory system.5. to prevent fluid loss.6. to normalize the digestion.7. to promote the development of go..
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