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Pack contra el picaje en las aves
Pack against the birds pecking   With this magnificent antipicaje pack you can prevent some of the most common problems in large parrots and parrots and correct it if it has already occurred.   Pecking occurs when the body feathers parrot starts. There are several causes of feather pecki..
Ex Tax:20.62€
Pack voladero ECO Agapornis
This indicated for lovebirds pack includes the following products:   - ECO Voladero - 5-spoke nature lovebirds - Horizontal nest for lovebirds - 3 kilos of lovebirds Plus Jarad..
Ex Tax:140.45€
Pack Celo
This is a pack with which we intend to achieve in increasing fertility in our collars of birds, besides the pack must know that their birds must have light conditions (15 hours minimum), temperature (14ºC) and humidity (50.65 %) in order to achieve the best results.   This pack is composed of the ..
Ex Tax:43.76€
Pack Ciclo celo
Zeal cycle: in breeding initiation periods and abrupt temperature changes that may alter the natural functioning of our birds. Manage ten days in a row after which we will get 100% floor. Always taking into account the lack of floor for natural reasons, not due to disease or mismanagement of our ..
Ex Tax:19.72€
Pack Ciclo de tres
We will use these products to complete the deprivation of our birds. Either in the period of moult: which will be administered daily until finish molt. In periods of contests: ten days before going and the return of the same another 7 days. In recovery periods after a drug: administer ten d..
Ex Tax:21.14€
Pack cría pájaros a mano
Pack breeding by hand of canaries and wild birds   With this pack you will get the help that some weaker birds or some varieties of canaries are especially delicate (albinos, lutinos, rubinos, phaeos, gibbards, gibber, ...) or need extraordinary contributions that parents can not always give them ..
Ex Tax:9.05€
Pack equilibrio para las aves
The combination of these two products ensures a good balance in our birds. Very important not to administer along with other supplements that contain proteins due to the high percentage of them. Mix to 50%, administer directly in a nursery to pairs with pups! Initiation to brood, freshly caugh..
Ex Tax:23.32€
Pack verano para aves
Pack summer birds Great pack ideal for the heats of this time, which includes a birdhouse, a bathtub to refitter our birds, bath salts to add to the bathtub and a toy. It includes:   Pajarera Canarias   Outdoor bathtub for birds benelux Toy agaporni wood and leather   Bath salts quiko..
Ex Tax:74.17€
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