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GALAXY is a powder composed of essential oils on a silica basis and green clay. o thyme HE: works even inside the airways. o Oregano HE: strengthens immunity and resistance. o Cinnamon HE: effect on digestion. o Green clay: cleanses the body thoroughly. o + other essential oils (uniqu..
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What can you do for palm oil birds? Palm oil is a product rich in vitamins, among other things, calcium, iron and vitamins and minerals. Palm oil often relieves plucking of the feather, promotes the growth of feathers and creates bright plumage. Even in growing young birds is a perfect supplement..
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GALAXY caps is a powerful product that favors the respiratory system and digestion. It is very effective in improving the airways (in combination with BRONX.) Highly recommended on Mondays after the flight, for its purifying effect. It is also possible to administer it 1 day before the enceste. W..
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Beautiful cage specially designed to accommodate all types of birds such as exotic, tropical, canaries, parakeets The cage is made of metal with the bars painted with apoxi free of lead. The accessories are polypropylene plastic. In the lower area has a removable tray that facilitates cleaning. I..
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essential for the proper functioning of the metabolism of birds multivitamin. It must be administered periodically in order to prevent malfunction of the body leading to various diseases. 100 ml..
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Cage Voltrega 892   The model 892 of Cage for parrots Voltregà constitutes one of the best choices of habitáculo for his bird, given his amplitude and comfort. In addition to having the guarantee of coming from one of the brands to which the quality corresponds, Voltregà 892 carries a simple as..
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Kiki Complete food for finches and wild birds in 500 grams, is a complete food made with clean, properly selected and mixed grains to facilitate their young friends cantotres food they need. He has also been enriched with vitamin enriched beads that provide that extra food supply that birds need ..
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