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DESINFECCION Y BELLEZA DEL PLUMAJE DE LOS PAJAROS DE JAULA.Los pájaros necesitan bañarse y lo hacen, además con verdadera satisfacción, pero es necesario que el agua del baño esté limpia y sobretodo se mantenga así todo el tiempo necesario y no se convierta en una suspensión de microbios y parás..
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  Vitamin E is essential for the reproduction of all birds, but especially for those living in captivity, like canaries, pigeons and other birds cage. A lack thereof is in many cases the total or partial male sterility and female lower positions.  In times of pairing a high dose of Vitamin E Se..
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Latac SERI-B+K
Latac SERI-B+K is an excellent food supplement for poultry, formulated with B-complex vitamins and vitamin K. It is suitable for the nutrition of pet birds, favouring the nervous system and with good results in the metabolism. You can find it in the 60 ml bottle.The product is indicated for ornament..
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Latac Seriserol (Vitamina E con selenio)
Latac Seriserol is a great food supplement that encourages the reproductive stage of birds. It is formulated with vitamin E and Selenium, two components that give good results for fertility, it increases fertilized eggs and sexual desire. You can find it in the 150 ml format.It is an oestrus stimula..
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Seri-E Plus with Selenium from LatacA food supplement containing a combination of vitamin E and selenium that is particularly suitable for the reproduction period. It is also enriched with vitamin A to achieve better fertility results.COMPOSITION: Lactose and SucroseADDITIVES (per Kilo): Vitamins, p..
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DISINFECTION AND BEAUTY OF THE PULSE OF THE CAJAROS DE CAULA.The birds need to bathe and they do it, also with real satisfaction, but it is necessary that the water of the bath is clean and above all it stays like this all the necessary time and it does not become a suspension of microbes and pa..
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Seripatic is a food supplement containing Inositol and natural plant extracts, which works as a liver protector, immune stimulant and antioxidant. It is specially designed to prevent the appearance of all those pathologies that cause inflammation of the liver and gall bladder, as well as black ..
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Serishock - Vitamin Shock Serishock de Latac, is a new vitaminic complex specially designed for the stages in which the birds require greater nutritional exigencies like in the epoch of reproduction, laying, growth etc.ideal also in times of stress.It stimulates the appetite, favouring the reco..
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 Dietary supplement with calcium and phosphorusThe Calcicolina-P is a prerequisite to correct common nutritional deficiencies that occur in canaries and other caged birds food supplement. At higher doses it acts as an effective medicine for treating liver and digestive diseases.Often seen in..
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SERIMUDA provides the required amounts of amino acids and vitamins necessary to ensure correct renewal plumage, both silent and normal or abnormal heavy, and also in the process of feathering of the offspring.How to use: It is administered in drinking water and in the following doses: in normal ..
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