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Complementary food for birds. It is a product that is involved in training, protecting cells and eye pigment deficiency can cause blindness, being essential to its contribution to canaries recessive and not assimilate vitamin A from food.Ingredients: Vitamin A-10 000 u. i x 1Kg. Dextrose...
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Indications: Ideal for coloring revive red factor birds. Provides strength, lightness and shine to the feathers; protects liver and heart problems.Instructions: Add addition to the dye that is commonly used 10 cc per kg pulp during moulting and breedingShake well before using.Composition..
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YELLOW SUPRA is a pigment for use in times of breeding and molting birds yellow factor. Formula balanced in strength and gloss, gives excellent uniformity plumage silky coloring.  COMPOSITION: Contains natural carotenes and xanthophylls. DIRECTIONS: Mix 3-4 per kg Pasta GM during mo..
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Supraovo, Mineral Supplement + Vitamin CIndicated to improve the internal quality of the eggIndicated for birds at the time of laying to improve the quality of the egg, reduces the incidence of "clear fluids" in situations of stress or after infectious processes (microplasmosis, infectious b..
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