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Canto FBL 20 ml.

Canto FBL 20 ml.
Canto FBL 20 ml.
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CANTO FBL, improves the general conditions of the birds, favoring and stimulating the aptitudes for singing.
The AD3E complex, prevents many problems of birds, mainly in those cases that can not be solved conveniently. Its lack is revealed by: loss of appetite, weight loss, stress.

Niacin: The functions of Niacin include the removal of toxic chemicals from the body and the participation in the production of asteroid hormones synthesized by the adrenal gland, such as hormones related to stress.

Folic acid: It is essential for the nervous system, since it positively affects its growth and functioning, as well as that of the bone marrow, in addition, favors the regeneration of cells. Its lack causes fatigue, insomnia and lack of appetite, as well as various disorders generally associated with the lack of folic acid as a general sadness or lack of singing, this is also directly related to feathering.

COMPOSITION: Sorbitol, Propylene glycol, Vitamin A, 50,000 U: I., Vitamin D3, 1,000 U.I., Vitamin E, 3 mg, Niacin, 15 mg, Folic acid, 0.5 mg.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Gross Protein, 0%, Greasy Oils and Fats, <0.5%, Gross Fiber, 0%, Crude Ashes, 0%, Water Content, 70%.
METHOD OF USE AND DOSAGE: Oral route administered in drinking water.
4 ml / liter of water or 4 drops in 40 ml.
The dose can be doubled during the first three days of administration.

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