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Papilla Guacamayos

Papilla Guacamayos
Papilla Guacamayos
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  • Brands Kaytee
  • Model 243
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Papilla high quality Kaytee Exact Hand for raising all kinds of macaws, amazons, grays and other large birds that require more higher energy density.

International leading brand, recommended by leading breeders and veterinarians worldwide market.

Papilla to raise chicks hand large parrots.

This porridge is a complete and nutritious food ideal for hand rearing chicks macaw, eclacto, hawk and African parrots parrots that need a high energy diet. This food is not recommended for cockatoos.

This slurry of excellent quality is recommended by veterinarians and professional breeders product. It is a porridge designed to be the only food chick from birth to weaning. No need to add vitamin and mineral supplements. Help the chicks grow faster and healthier, are weaned before and better than other animals fed homemade recipes.

Its unique formula incorporates ingredients of high biological value and a balanced composition guarantees optimal growth in chick.

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