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Percha noria diversión

Percha noria diversión
Percha noria diversión
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The activities perch will be an ideal perch for the entertainment and health of medium and large sized parrots such as eclectus, you-yous, amazons, yaks and parrots similar in size.

It is a natural branch which has different accessories in one of its ends so that our pet can peck, shred and move: pieces of wood, and other accessories of textures, colors, sizes and different shapes that will break the monotony of our friend Winged and will provide hours of fun.

This natural wood hanger takes care of the legs of our pet, because it is the closest to what they could find in their natural environment. In addition, it will also take care of the health of its beak, as they can spend hours destroying the different accessories that are included on the side of the hanger.

The materials used for the manufacture of this toy are totally harmless for the health of our pet: the dyes used for the colored pieces are non-toxic dyes, etc.

It is placed securely and stable to the cage of our pet thanks to a metal wing located at one end of the hanger. In this way the hanger will be safe and stable in the cage, so that our pet can be on it without any danger.

 Total measurements
24 cm long.
3.5 cm stick diameter

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