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Transportín Tino Economy Art. 235

Transportín Tino Economy Art. 235
Transportín Tino Economy Art. 235
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  • Model 1934
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Tino Economy Art. 235 Carrier
The economic Tino Carrier, with the same dimensions and quality, the only thing that changes is that the grid where the upper spring doors are located is inserted in the same carrier.
The cover is not included, and if you want you can buy the carrier alone or without the cover to join several.
The transport for canaries is indicated for many types of birds, such as all types of color and posture canaries, including large posture canaries. It is also valid for exotic birds such as diamonds, or wild birds.
The amount of birds that can be introduced in the transport will depend a little on the size of these and the time they will be inside. For example, without a problem, you can put 10 to 20 birds as canaries for a time that is not very long. If they are going to be in the transport for a long time for some reason, the recommended amount may be somewhat less so that the plumage is not damaged.
At the bottom of the transport it is advisable to put some absorbent material for feces, such as sand, crushed corn, cork or paper.
Includes, Carrier,, separator, 2 innkeepers, 2 feeders and 2 drinkers
Measures: 38 x 39 x 18cm.

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