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Legazin vitamina b12 plus 120 ml

Legazin vitamina b12 plus 120  ml
Legazin vitamina b12 plus 120 ml
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Vitamin B12 plus Legazin
Metabolic stimulant fast assimilation
Ingredients: Vitamin B12 and Grycerol.
How to use: Apply in states of weakness and stress and recovering from disease. It is also recommended as a preventive measure.
Target species: Finches, canaries, exotic parrots and birds of cages in general.
Benefits: Recover and prevents metabolic diseases. Increases growth. Improved playback. Against fatigue and stress. Optimizes liver function.
Therapeutic Uses:
Malabsorption syndrome.
Preventive: 2.5 ml per liter of drinking water two days a week
Curative: administer according to the state of salur the sick bird.
Manage opaque drinking
120 ml

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