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Galaxy 300 grs

Galaxy 300 grs
Galaxy 300 grs
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GALAXY is a powder composed of essential oils on a silica basis and green clay.
o thyme HE: works even inside the airways.
o Oregano HE: strengthens immunity and resistance.
o Cinnamon HE: effect on digestion.
o Green clay: cleanses the body thoroughly.
o + other essential oils (unique formula)
The GALAXY is a revolutionary product in the world of pigeons. It is a mixture of essential oils based on green clay. Each essential oil has a very specific action and the product therefore has a very wide operating range.
He works on the digestive system, respiratory and immunity. A course of five days, for example, will make your nose snow white pigeons! Green clay is also well known for its purifying effect. You will quickly see the powerful effect of GALAXY.
GALAXY prevent many outside attacks and without the use of antibiotics! It is given in combination with PREMIUM OIL 1-2 times per week or 5-day cure for a thorough cleaning. Very indicated on Monday and Tuesday for the return of competition.
Dosage: 1 tablespoon per kilo of seed or per kg of patee.

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