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Parrot cage 892 voltrega

Parrot cage 892 voltrega
Parrot cage 892 voltrega
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  • Brands Voltrega
  • Model 5110
  • Reward Points: 169
Price in reward points: 4399
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Cage Voltrega 892
The model 892 of Cage for parrots Voltregà constitutes one of the best choices of habitáculo for his bird, given his amplitude and comfort.
In addition to having the guarantee of coming from one of the brands to which the quality corresponds, Voltregà 892 carries a simple assembly and is made of durable materials.

Voltregà 892 is an ideal cage for medium and large parrots. Metal cage and detachable. Made in Spain, with lead-free epoxy paint, non-toxic. Cage with removable tray, easy to clean. With top support. Includes wheels.

The cage is equipped with pick-up trays; This tray is equipped with a protection to prevent excrement from falling out and a stool rack. If you do not need it, this grid is easily removable. The protection picks up the biggest dirt and prevents fouling of the outside area. So the dirt can be cleaned quickly.

The place of flight and rest also offers place for feeders and drinkers. During short flights your pet can drink or peck without having to get back into the cage.
The cage has four wheels on the legs for easy movement.

Voltregà recommends to improve the health and comfort of our pet, cleaning the cage with specialized products once a week.

Essential dimensions:
  • Interior dimensions (width x depth x height): 53.00 x 77.00 x 93.00 cm
  • Maximum dimensions of the cage (width x depth x height): 100.00 x 75.00 x 156.00 cm
  • Separation between wires: 2.00 mm (0.08 in)

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