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Hepacur | Protector hepatico

Hepacur | Protector hepatico
Hepacur | Protector hepatico
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Complementary food for ornamental birds.

Composition: Extract of milk thistle, dandelion, artichoke and celandine.

analytical composition: humidity 95%. The liver is the main metabolic organ, which is responsible for a number of processes such as decontamination, digestion, energy balance, hormonal regulation, blood circulation and blood clotting. The liver produces enzymes that regulate the biochemical processes and accumulate fat-soluble vitamins. Liver cells produce bile for fat digestion, unnecessary medications or unbalanced diet can degenerate a fatty liver.

HEPACUR promotes and stimulates the regeneration of liver cells and, thus, counteracts the toxic damage on the liver itself. It protects the membranes of liver cells and liver function normalizes.

Using 2 ml in 1 liter of drinking water or 2-3 drops in 50 mg of drinking water. Shake well before administration. Store in a cool, dry and protected from light.

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