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Desintoxicante hepatico HEPATOX 500 ml.

Desintoxicante hepatico HEPATOX 500 ml.
Desintoxicante hepatico HEPATOX 500 ml.
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Hepatox Total +, is a product scientifically designed to protect the liver and restore the intestinal balance of birds.


- Promotes and relieves the liver, especially after aggressive treatments with antibiotics or intense physical exertion.

Regulates the intestine

- Restore intestinal balance

- Prevents diarrhea

- Promotes the presence of solid, round stools


- It is a 100% natural product that contains for every 500ml:

Agrimonia eupatoria 1300mg

Pimpinella anisum 1300mg

Geranium robertianum 1300mg

Arbutus unedo 1300mg

Tabeuia impetiginosa 1300mg

Plantago major 1300mg

Excipient q.b 500ml

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: - 5 ml per liter of water or per kg of food once a week.

Format: 500ml

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