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Atoxo Stop 50 Gr

Atoxo Stop 50 Gr
Atoxo Stop 50 Gr
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adjunctive treatment of coccidiosis and atoxoplasmosis
The parasites responsible for coccidiosis (Isospora Canary) and atoxoplasmosis (Isospora Serini) cause an intestinal disorder with inflammation of the mucosa, and in many cases, bleeding. The damaged intestine has a reduced ability to absorb nutrients from food, causing a progressive emaciation, dehydration and weakness. The organic weakening of the bird is the main house of death in these diseases, even controlling the process causing infectious agent.
ATOXOSTOP is a nutritional supplement formulated with easily assimilated and energizing nutrients such as maltodextrin, fructose and ginseng. It is associated with inmunoestimlante and anti-inflammatory effect of echinacea, omega 3 fatty acids, dandelion and milk thistle as hepatoprotective. It also provides amino acids and branched-chain carnitine.

Packaging: 50 gr.

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