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Product shown broad-spectrum insecticide for the control household pests such as fleas, ticks, bed bugs, ants, flies, mosquitoes, etc ... This insecticide gets eliminated quickly and effectively pesky insects in houses, buildings, barns, kennels, voladeras, etc. It has a very active and prolonged effectiveness. It is a very safe, does not smell or stain surfaces. It is ideal for keeping your pet's environment free of any type of insect, can be used in the disinfection of houses, beds, cages, etc ...

Permethrin is a compound with potent insecticidal action shock front of a crowd of crawling or flying insects such as fleas, ticks, cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes, wasps, mites. Have contact and ingestion activity and is effective against all forms of life (eggs, larvae, pupae or adults).

Composition: Permethrin 0.25%, solvents and excipients qs 100%.

How to use: spray on the area being treated. For optimum efficiency and permanent protection should be applied periodically. It can be applied to any surface, including floors, ceilings, walls, windows, crates. Once applied it remains active for several weeks.

Available in bottles of 500 ml.

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