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Bio - scar

Bio - scar
Bio - scar
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BIO-SCAR is a preparation for the hygiene of pets, especially suitable for the protection and regeneration of the skin.
Allantoin is an agent stimulating the formation of tissue with a remarkable action reepitelizante. Vit. A has a protective action. The wheat germ oil has regenerative properties of tissues and by the sweet almond oil are two substances that improve the condition of hair, adding luster. Azulene has a remarkable antiphlogistic, antiseptic and anti-allergic action, which is reinforced by the balm of Peru.
Bioactive substances composed of recent discovery in the field of cosmetics, it is suitable in case of skin redness caused by external agents in the scaling and peeling skin, scabs and insect bites
Guarantee: for all kinds of birds, dogs, cats and any pet
100 g cream format.

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