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Twin Macaw

Twin Macaw
Twin Macaw
Twin Macaw
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Twin Macaw
Twin Macaw
Twin Macaw
Twin Macaw
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  • Brands StrongCages
  • Model 509
  • Reward Points: 629
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Super Twin cage Macaw is the largest carrier of

Suitable to house several parrots and macaws, together or separately and for the reproduction of most species. It is the largest compact cage; It has internal division, which can be removed and easily-and nest door.

It is the best choice if you have enough space, ensuring our pets comfortable and enjoyable for their daily chores usable space and to accommodate various accessories like toys, chunks, stairs, etc, to promote their activity and exercise.

The StrongCages brand, Single Macaw is a product with quality assurance and strength in materials; bars, 5mm. thick, they are of maximum resistance, suitable for large parrots. They also have safety tabs to ensure closure and prevent our pet can open these openings.

For easy and comfortable mobility, Twin Macaw has wheels on the base support, allowing you to move the cage to the most appropriate place according suits us. As for cleanliness and hygiene, the cage has a tray and removable grid to facilitate this task.

It includes:
  • 4 rotating stainless steel feeders.
  • 2 large doors with safety lock. 
  • Nest or bathtub door at both ends.
Basic dimensions:
  • Twin Cage Dimensions: 200 cm. x 200 cm. x 100 cm.
  • Headroom: 187.5 cm.
  • Space between bars: 3 cm.
  • Bars Thickness: 5 mm.

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