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Complete playground for parakeets, lovebirds and small parrots. This toy is perfect for entertaining and encouraging exercise and fun of our birds. Prevents boredom and stimulate your bird's intelligence. Your parakeet or lovebird it will cool up and down the stairs, swinging on the swing or ringing the bell. It is a product of excellent German quality.

This excellent gym playground will keep your bird entertained for hours. Different accessories will serve as a stimulus, making your life more fun, forgetting for hours boring cage that serves as home.

This park is made of strips of wood not chemically treated so that it is safe and durable. The activity center is made up of 2 ladders, a swing, a mobile bar and a rattlesnake.

Through the use of toys your pet will have fun and also prevent boredom and inadequate as feather plucking or destruction of the cage behaviors. Always supervise pets when they have fun with their toys. When you notice that the toys are badly damaged it is recommended to get a new, as detached small parts may cause problems in your pet.

- Dimensions: 36 x 26 x 29 cm.
- Suitable for parrots and parakeets

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