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Insecticida Eicon Emulsionable 250 ml

Insecticida Eicon Emulsionable 250 ml
Insecticida Eicon Emulsionable 250 ml
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Insecticide for disinfection of aviaries

Active components: Cypermethrin: 10%

Appearance: clear fluid liquid.

Color: slightly yellow

Smell: Aromatic.


Insecticide for zoosanitary use.

It is indicated for the control of insects such as flies, mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, wasps, mites, etc ... in livestock facilities, poultry, kennels, as well as in the disinsection of livestock transport and other facilities.
It has a marked shock effect and great activity at low doses, being effective against adults and larvae and with a secondary effect against eggs.
Way of use and uses:

Before applying, remove organic residues (feces, urine) from the areas to be treated. Carry out the treatment in the absence of animals and avoid their access to the treated area after treatment.
Eicon is used emulsified in water. Once mixed, it must be applied by spraying on the surfaces to be treated.
Apply Eicon directly on the surface where the insects alight.
Dosage: Dilute 50 ml in 5 liters of water / 100 m2 of surface to be treated. (It is recommended that the water used for the emulsion be pH greater than 7, to maximize the action of the product).

Other information: Avoid working in the spray cloud. Ventilate the treated area well before re-entry.

250 ml

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