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Transportin para Pajaros Maleta 18 Secondinos Medios

Transportin para Pajaros Maleta 18 Secondinos Medios
Transportin para Pajaros Maleta 18 Secondinos Medios
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  • Brands 2 Gr
  • Model 2142
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Suitcase with 18 secondino medium carriers Art. 259 of the 2GR brand

  It includes:

• Structure to house 18 middle secondinos

• 18 medium secondino complete carriers.

This suitcase is very light and of great resistance, its low weight makes it easy for us to easily carry up to 18 medium carriers, which are homologated by COM for transporting birds to nations and internationally.

The medium transporters, in addition to serving you to send birds to the competitions in the best conditions, since each middle secondino transportin incorporates inner feeder and drinker, which can be filled without opening the door, and two rear and front doors to be able to remove the bird Without having to take it or touch it, they will also serve to transport birds for fairs, exhibitions, etc.

The middle secondinos are completely removable, and can be washed and disinfected completely.

Dimensions 22x71x62 cm

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