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Jaula Palace

Jaula Palace
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  • Brands StrongCages
  • Model 521
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New model of interior, more robust, durable and with the best finishes exclusively for StrongCages.

The new design of cage Palace is characterized by the novelty of the top opening, facilitating the entry and exit of your pet's cage.

When you purchase your cage Palace, StrongCages gives him two toys enliven time and encourage the activity of your pet.

And it has close security tab on the front door and feeders, ensuring that your pet can not escape.

The cage is equipped with a lower and an upper tray to prevent faeces falling out and a bottom, easily removable, grating for fecal matter.

The new model Cage Palace has security tab on the bottom rack of the cage so that your pet can not remove and prevent through play and their curiosity, get away.

The outer tray excreta prevent any dirt from falling out of the cage. Thus, around the cage they are kept clean, which will facilitate cleaning. These trays can be mounted optionally in the cage; if you have little room, you do not need to mount.

With our cage Palace are included the following:
  • Park top game with 2 stainless steel feeders 10 cm in diameter.
  • Tray in the game park.
  • Accessory toys holder hook in the upper park.
  • Two rotating stainless steel feeders 10 cm in diameter.
  • 2 wooden hangers.
  • Grille and removable tray.
  • Side-waste drip trays (optional installation).
  • 4 wheels high quality polypropylene.
Cage measures:
  • 3 mm thick bars
  • 1.70 cm distance between bars
total measures
  • Height 157 cm
  • Width 73 cm
  • 73 cm background
Measures passenger compartment (where does the bird)
  • Height 65 cm
  • Width 50 cm
  • Background 50 cm
Other data:
  • Distance between the tray and the cage 11 cm
  • Door size 63 x 22 cm
  • Color: anthracite
  • Painting: no approxi (not harmful to birds)


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