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Kiki cantor | Restaurador del canto 300 gr

Kiki cantor | Restaurador del canto 300 gr
Kiki cantor | Restaurador del canto 300 gr
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  • Brands KIKI
  • Model 301
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Composite food that strengthens, enhances and restores the singing birds of all kinds thanks to its high energy and tonic.

This product has been created based on a balanced vitamin and mineral oil, wheat germ, with the addition of selected seeds of high quality and high nutritional value.

- Encourages and promotes the full song.
- Promotes plumage changes difficult.
- Provides great deal of energy, essential par revitalize old birds and tired.
- Prevents against diseases and infections of all kinds.
- Increases appetite.
- Da fluorescence and brightness to the eyes.
- Its adequate calcium, strengthens the eggshell during the breeding season.

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