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    Carriers of 12 individual holes in wood. Ideal for short transfers contests. Individual voids made ​​of wood. Include innkeepers. Measures. 32cm.x15cm.x28cm. Wide-line-high..
Ex Tax:15.70€
220V LED STRIP LIGHT BLUE NIGHT connection from 1 to 4 meters.   IDEAL FOR MOON EFFECT aviaries.   Low power consumption and easy installation. (4w x meter)   INSTALL RECOMMENDED WITH CLOCK-TIMER ref. TP   It's true and appropriate in the aviaries that once day lights to rema..
Ex Tax:7.44€
12V power adapters. To connect several LED strips in one power point. The power adapter is dependent on the total number of meters of LEDs wishing to be connected..
Ex Tax:4.96€
Drinker sponge The sprue sponge is needed to carry copies and prevent water spillage with consequent deterioration thereof and prevent death. It has a capacity of 20 ml and dimensions of diameter 2.5 cm and height 6.5 cm..
Ex Tax:0.41€
Carrier 5 stars for the transfer and delivery of copies by courier. Economic , hygienic and easy to use. Move your birds with all guarantees in a five star ... safe o Comfortable o toilet o economic o effective Made of corrugated cardboard , high-quality screen printed . Designed to t..
Ex Tax:1.60€
Digital weight weighing 0.1 grams to 500 grams. NEW Ideal for weighing small quantities (drugs etc) High precision.  ..
Ex Tax:8.26€
Electric Insect Exterminator. NEW Ideal for aviary aproximadamanete 25 meters. Kill insects and mosquitoes instante.2x6w ultraviolet tube. Easy to clean and install, chain instalación.Bajo consumo.Tubos facilitate easy replacement. Does not produce toxic vapor not irritate or contaminate..
Ex Tax:16.53€
Handcrafted wooden cabinet with drawers for accessories eggs. Made of wood by hand With Ring Size for color rings and series. Includes thermometer-hygrometer-scissors lupa-razor-clippers-cutting pliers. Includes useful to check the eggs. Measures. 44.5cm.x30.5cm.x7cm. Height-width-depth..
Ex Tax:48.72€
Handmade wooden cabinet with drawers for eggs without accessories. Made of wood by hand. Includes thermometer and hygrometer. Measures. 44,5cm.x30,5cm.x7cm. Height-width-depth..
Ex Tax:32.23€
    CONNECTION KIT 2 UNITS Elements that allow you to connect 2 strips of LEDs in a single power supply. Each of the LED strips can be up to 10 meters. No power loss occurs. The light has the same intensity in all cages...
Ex Tax:8.26€
WIRING KIT 3 UNITS Elements for connecting 3 strips of LEDs in a single power supply. Each of the LED strips can be up to 10 meters. No power loss occurs. The light has the same intensity in all cages...
Ex Tax:9.92€
    LED STRIP LIGHTS JAUSTICAB. THE LIGHT OF YOUR BIRD A new lighting concept in his aviary. All advantages with LED lighting - Economic and easy to install. - Low power consumption, save on your electricity bill. - Direct light that does not produce shadows and does not heat...
Ex Tax:4.96€
Magnifying glass with LED lighting. NEW Two magnifiers in one. Magnification: 3X, 8X. Lens diameter: 75mm, 19mm...
Ex Tax:3.30€
CURRENT ADAPTERS 12V up to 4 metersTo connect different LED strips in the same current point.Suitable for five heightsNo loss of power occurs.The light has the same intensity in all the cages.The power of the adapter depends on the total number of meters of LEDs that you want to connect..
Ex Tax:8.26€
Scratch cleaning 60 cm. Utiil cleaning trays and large cages. Easy access to the bottom and corners of cages with much background...
Ex Tax:4.95€
CONNECTION KIT 4 UNITS Elements for connecting 4 strips of LEDs in a single power supply. Each of the LED strips can be up to 10 meters. No power loss occurs. The light has the same intensity in all cages...
Ex Tax:13.22€
PROGRAMMABLE TIMER Device for the LED lights in your aviary is turned on and off at a certain time. Effective and economical. Maximum power 3,600 Very easy to use...
Ex Tax:4.12€
Luz LED efecto Luna 12V con conexión para Programador PA530.
12V Luna effect LED light with connection for PA530 Programmer.The moonlight LED light is ideal to illuminate the aviary at night since it offers a very dim light imitating the moonlight allowing birds to return to the nest if they leave it for any reason during the night and thus avoid problems in ..
Ex Tax:12.40€
Dawn-Dusk programmer high technology for LED strips 12 Volt. It has a selection of 22 models Dawn-Dusk hours and 5 channels, 4 of them with different intensities to connect led night light blue moon effect (Blue LED Light 12V ref. TLA225P or optional TLA325P). It has a display where the user c..
Ex Tax:37.19€
Digital thermometer and hygrometer with clock. Controls temperature and humidity effectively their aviary and avoid problems in hatching chicks. Easy handling and installation. With foot for desktop and hang...
Ex Tax:8.26€
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