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Cages for parrots

 Cage the most affordable price on the internet magnifies.Measurements:60.5 wide x 54.5 deep x 150 cm high.Cabin where birds are:54.5 wide x 41 deep x 80 cm highDistance between bars 1.5 cmThickness of 3 mm barsIt has:     - Two feeders   - 1 post   - 4 wheel  ..
Ex Tax:82.60€
Palma cage, an enclosure made of wrought iron with a cart with ornamental finish.Palma is one of the best-selling StrongCages Cages. Specially designed to house cockatoos, lovebirds, small parrots and birds of similar size, Cage Palma has two hangers to provide a comfortable innkeeper for our pe..
Ex Tax:74.34€
Wide suitable cage to house parrots, parakeets, grays, parrots and birds of similar size.Single Macaw belongs to StrongCages products, quality assurance and strength. The four rotary feeders for doors, one on each side of the cockpit, allows us to charge food in a simple and convenient way witho..
Ex Tax:329.75€
Our Cronos cage is perfect for all types of medium and small sized parrots such as yacos, amazons, parrots of Senegal or Nymphs.   With our Cronos cage the following elements are included:   - Superior opening. - Safety lock - 4 feeders. - 3 wooden hangers. - Removable grid and tray. - Meth..
Ex Tax:107.40€
A Cage for parrots open Alamber can easily manage and take it wherever you want without much effort. Measures cage are 48 x 37 x 73 cm. The cage for parrots is for parts and mounts easily and intuitively. The plastic tray cage color may vary from photo. The Alamber cage is folded to ride in 10 minu..
Ex Tax:70.21€
Cage Voltrega 893The model 893 of Cage for parrots Voltregà constitutes one of the best choices of habitáculo for his bird, given his amplitude and comfort.Besides having the guarantee of coming from one of the brands to which the quality corresponds, Voltregà 893 carries a simple assembly a..
Ex Tax:186.74€
Round chrome cage assembly with foot column for parrots.Feeders are interior and comes fully equippeddimensions:Cage: 47 cm. diameter x 88 cm. high.Foot: 43 cm. diameter x 66 cm. height.Of all total: 47 cm. diameter x 154 cm. height...
Ex Tax:117.41€
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