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Insectivorous and frugivorous food

FULL FOODS insectivorous birds Born of rigorous scientific research, is a complete food to meet the nutritional needs of the insectivorous birds of medium and large as blackbirds, thrushes, Maina, etc.. It also contains substances that provide energy natural vitamins, seafood and berries that ..
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Orlux Insect kick Premium is a complete food for all insectivorous birds. It is also a supplementary food for exotic and native birds, small and large parakeets, parrots, lorikeets and lories the fig tree. The Insect paste kick Premium is very rich in animal and dried insects, ant eggs, Mexican larv..
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Complete food for insectivorous birds and fruit bats, is a blend specially formulated to meet the supply of all kinds of insectivorous birds. ingredients: Derivatives of vegetable origin, oils and fats, bakery porductos, seeds, cereals, meat and meat products, sugar, minerals, fruits, ..
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Extruded food with fresh fruits for frugivorous and insectivorous birds I balanced complete maintenance frugivorous and insectivorous birds. Also suitable for loris . Pellets with a scientifically proven , based on selected cereals and lots of fresh fruit composition. Completely consumable, no lo..
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NutriBird T 16 Original is a complete and balanced feed maintenance toucans, turacos and other large fruit-eating birds. They are granulated with a composition scientifically proven with selected cereals and plenty of fresh fruit. Fully absorbable, without waste. Florastimul contains a substance tha..
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Uni is a feed Komplet maintenance and balanced complete breeding for frugivorous birds and small insectivores. Pellets with a scientifically proven, based on selected cereals and lots of fresh fruit composition. Completely consumable, no losses. Florastimul contains a substance that stimulates the i..
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Mix dried insects with high nutritional value for exotic birds and altres Orlux Insect mix is a blend of high quality to enrich the diet of exotic birds, insect and wild. It contains different types of dried insects as Mexican larvae, shells and dry flies. Instructions: To insectivores and during..
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Orlux Insect kick is a complete food scientifically formulated for all insectivorous birds. It is also a complementary food for exotic and wild, large and small parrots birds, parrots and lorikeets. Insect kick is very rich in animals and insects as dried buffalo worms, ant eggs, Mexican larvae, cra..
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Universal Orlux Remiline Granules are a complete food for birds in the family of jays and robins. These granules are enriched with juniper berries. The Remiline universal granules are very easy to serve and not need to be refreshed daily. Directions: Managing without restriction. Analytical co..
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Ideal as a supplement both to enrich the diet or as a treat. It can be supplied every day of the year. Elaborated through a careful process of freezing - drying that maintains the content of rich proteins and vitamins. Complementary food Ingredients: dehydrated mealworms. Nutritional inform..
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Avianvet insect meal It is a complementary food for the protein integration of the breeding paste, indicated for ornamental birds such as canaries, European and indigenous fauna, insectivorous birds and waterfowl. It contains 100% Hermetia Iluscens flour without additives that provides a contr..
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Complete food for birds that eat fruits and insects.Universal food with a high nutritional value and a very good ingestion.Moistened with 100% natural honey.It can be given pure or mixed with fruit.It is also a nutritious supplementary food for many other bird species...
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Patee Orlux Beo is a complete diet for large frutivoras eating birds, for example, mynah. This paste has a high nutritional value by adding 100% pure and natural honey. Kick Beo is based on a fruit mixture that contains apricots, pineapple and raisins. This food has a low iron percentage:..
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