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Accesorios para aviarios

  Wiper blade for drinkers.Practical brush for cleaning all types of drinkers tube animals. The brush has flexible metal handle with nylon bristles and tipped swab to wipe down.Remember to provide your pet fresh, clean water in abundance. It is recommended to change the water d..
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Air heater fan-tempered and hot air, rotating 70 °.Comfortable heat resistant ceramic that do not burn oxygen.Overheat protection, 70 ° oscillation and anti rollover.2 levels of warm air power 1.500W 750W hot air.Voltage: 220-240. Frequency: 50HzMeasurements: 19x16x30cm...
Ex Tax:23.06€
Wiper blade for drinkers.Practical brush for cleaning all types of drinkers tube animals. The brush has flexible metal handle with nylon bristles and tipped swab to wipe down.Remember to provide your pet fresh, clean water in abundance. It is recommended to change the water daily with fresh,..
Ex Tax:1.12€
Detector fungus birds. NEW To detect fungal legs and beak. Simple and easy to use...
Ex Tax:2.48€
Digital weight weighing 0.1 grams to 500 grams. NEWIdeal for weighing small quantities (drugs etc)High precision.  ..
Ex Tax:8.26€
Electric Insect Exterminator. NEWIdeal for aviary aproximadamanete 25 meters.Kill insects and mosquitoes instante.2x6w ultraviolet tube.Easy to clean and install, chain instalación.Bajo consumo.Tubos facilitate easy replacement.Does not produce toxic vapor not irritate or contaminate..
Ex Tax:16.53€
Handcrafted wooden cabinet with drawers for accessories eggs. Made of wood by hand With Ring Size for color rings and series. Includes thermometer-hygrometer-scissors lupa-razor-clippers-cutting pliers. Includes useful to check the eggs. Measures. 44.5cm.x30.5cm.x7cm. Height-width-depth..
Ex Tax:48.72€
Handmade wooden cabinet with drawers for eggs without accessories. Made of wood by hand. Includes thermometer and hygrometer. Measures. 44,5cm.x30,5cm.x7cm. Height-width-depth..
Ex Tax:32.23€
Mosquito-proof lamp JB20C-2 6WIn summer the good weather arrives but also the annoying mosquitoes arrive.With this lamp kills mosquitoes will kill the flying animals without effort.Fluorescent light attracts them and they die electrocuted.Ideal for having indoors, on the patio, the t..
Ex Tax:23.55€
 Seed cleanerIdeal for seed cleaning machinery. with which you can keep feeding your bird completely clean.for canaries, finches, lovebirds, parakeets, nymphs, diamonds gould, or birds of similar sizeHave you ever stopped to think how much we throw seeds daily? If you look 60% of the see..
Ex Tax:45.41€
Magnifying glass with LED lighting. NEW Two magnifiers in one. Magnification: 3X, 8X. Lens diameter: 75mm, 19mm...
Ex Tax:3.30€
Approximate capacity of 1 kilo of seed...
Ex Tax:4.30€
Large metal seed pallet, with capacity for about 230 grams, a basic complement and very useful in your aviary.  ..
Ex Tax:3.26€
Chromed seedbed pallet, very useful in any aviary  ..
Ex Tax:2.89€
Paddle kilear seeds helpful throughout aviary...
Ex Tax:2.40€
Card holder with Iron Card holder essential to place the card and thus control the clutches Dimensions: 12.5 (cm) Width x 9 (cm) Alto...
Ex Tax:0.73€
Small card holderDimensions: 10 (cm) Width x 4 (cm) Alto...
Ex Tax:0.31€
Card holder essential to place the card and thus control the clutches Dimensions: 3.5 (cm) Width x 4 (cm) Alto...
Ex Tax:0.48€
Magnetic Portarjeta Card holder essential to place the card and thus control the clutches Dimensions: 10 (cm) Width x 5 (cm) Alto...
Ex Tax:1.26€
Specimen to send samples to the vet..
Ex Tax:0.08€
Pulverizer 1L
-33 %
Article is convenient for bathing, worming and local birds. Simply enter the desired liquid spray inside, close and ready to use...
1.51€ 2.25€
Ex Tax:1.25€
PROGRAMMABLE TIMERDevice for the LED lights in your aviary is turned on and off at a certain time.Effective and economical. Maximum power 3,600Very easy to use...
Ex Tax:4.12€
Tipping indicated to replenish seed feeders without spill the seeds.  ..
Ex Tax:9.05€
Hook cagesHooks polypropylene plastic cages Voltrega.Dimensions: 10 x 7 cm.Contents: 2 u.Served in random colors...
Ex Tax:1.49€
Salabre para coger pajaros en voladerosIdeal for use in VoladeroDiameter 16 cm..
Ex Tax:2.64€
Bellow to apply powder products, such as mites TerraMix..
Ex Tax:20.62€
Safety hook for large cages.  This hook is very practical, as it hooks on the cage door and thus prevents the bird from opening it.  Being like a dock is very simple and easy to place.  Made of steel..
Ex Tax:1.28€
HygrometerInstrument used to measure the moisture content in the atmosphere...
Ex Tax:8.22€
Precision syringe embucharSyringe feeding is common practice among breeders. Usually it started when you retire nestlings parents, at about 20 days of life until weaning. You need to learn good technique before putting it into practice, or run the risk of losing nestlings for giving little food ..
Ex Tax:8.26€
Ovoscopio of cold light, innalambrico easy to handle, special for the turning of eggs, at the time of incubation it is very important the selection of the eggs every egg that has cracks, or much porosity should not be incubated as it is not viable, too At the time of taking advantage of the space of..
Ex Tax:8.26€
Quilear very useful palette for seeds in any aviary.We have 3 stepsSmall about 125 grams of birdseedMedium approximately 250 grams of birdseedLarge about 500 grams of birdseed..
Ex Tax:1.94€
Fully metal clamps designed to hang different objects from the bars of your birds cage.These black metal clamps are very resistant and are fastened firmly to the bars so you can hook there candy, toys, mirrors, ropes or anything else you need.Dimensions: 5 cm x 2.5 cm x 1 cm thick...
Ex Tax:0.78€
The latest and the solution to many breeders, the new 2GR card holder, where it includes fixed plastic, where you can place a card to enter the data on the built-in paper; as number of cage, data of the male, data of the female, beginning incubation, birth, and weaning.The best thing is the roul..
Ex Tax:0.82€
Although digital Weight 0.1 gram to 100 grams. NOVELTYIdeal for weighing small quantities (drugs etc)High precision...
Ex Tax:8.22€
Door for vertical iron feederDimensions 6 x 7 cm..
Ex Tax:0.53€
Support for placing rolls of paper for cleaning cages, as a replacement for trays.Easy to place.For Pedrós cages although it can be used in almost any other type of cage while they are of the appropriate width.The hooks of the model of 40cm are at a separation of 33cmThe hooks of the..
Ex Tax:4.09€
Pincer for closing staple rings (fold) in wild birds.The ringing of wild birds, is a method of study and verification of origin of birds.   The ringing consists of the application of a metal staple ring, usually aluminum, on the leg of a live bird. This ring has printed a return address, which..
Ex Tax:12.36€
Digital thermometer and hygrometer with clock.Controls temperature and humidity effectively their aviary and avoid problems in hatching chicks.Easy handling and installation.With foot for desktop and hang...
Ex Tax:8.26€
Metal scissors to cut the ring, as well as the beak and nails of the bird without damaging it.Stainless steel..
Ex Tax:13.18€
Wooden trap for rodents. Recommended baits: cheese, chocolate or raisins. Keep out of the reach of children and pets. Be careful when putting the bait in the trap. Ideal for aviary soil..
Ex Tax:1.03€
Practices clamps designed to hang different objects of the bars of the cage for your birds.These plastic tweezers are very strong and are firmly secured to the bars so you can hook there treats, toys, mirrors, ropes or anything else you need.Measurements: 5 x 3 cm x 1 cm thick.   ..
Ex Tax:0.55€
STA PortanillasDimensions: 11.5 (cm) Width x 17.5 (cm) Height x 2.5 (cm) background..
Ex Tax:6.01€
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