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Hepatointestinal regulator operation.For breeding and molting periods.For liver and digestive diseases (red belly, swollen liver, enteritis, etc.) Indications: Calci-Fort is specially formulated to control the disturbances and malfunctions of the digestive system of the bird ..
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 probiotic + prebiotic+ vitamins and minerals (Repairs and protects the intestines of birds, regenerating the intestinal flora) Acts against pathogenic bacteria preventing its anchorage in the intestine, supports the growth of the own intestinal flora, enhancing..
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Artichoke extract, a product that stimulates the liver naturally, that clears and deflated, thus regulating liver function, removing excess fat and improve the health and vitality of the bird. Dosing would be 3 ml. ½ per liter of water and serious daily for 15 days. This could be repeated at..
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 Dax V3 is a combination of herbal extracts that helps build the body's defenses and prevents the emergence of various diseases. The combined action of the various natural extracts prevents the development of coccidia, bacteria, fungi, viruses and worms. It also has healing and anti-inflam..
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Liver detoxification, eliminates the inflammation of the liver, it stimulates its operation and improves the general condition of the bird, potancia vigor, singing and reproductive capacity in males and females. Dosage and method of use: add to the pasta breeding at the rate of 10-20 g per k..
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Stimulator singing. It stimulates the strength of the bird singing and increasing its vitality and dominant force. 50 ml..
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- Suitable for improving fertility in the breeding season. - It stimulates the appetite and capacity for sexual activity. - Administer in the drinking water or mixed in the dough breeding  ..
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Yeast two Canariz (Natural Protein highest quality ) Its nutritional properties are excellent, due to its composition : high protein , vitamins , minerals and trace elements , it is an excellent food supplement for pasta breeding , has all the essential amino acids for muscle development , p..
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ORTY-MAX Liquid Enhancer zeal and singing Green Nettle Extract, Oregano, Thyme, Tehobroma Cocoa and vitamins. Improves health by increasing zeal, power and quality of singing goldfinches, suckers, buntings and other birds cage. Green Nettle dry extract, dry extract of Oregano, Thyme dry extract,..
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