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The components of the B complex vitamins are vital for a bird as part of the enzyme systems that catalyze the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins ( transformation of carbohydrates into lipids). Usually the amounts of vitamin B complex and vitamin present in Nekton S is sufficient , but in..
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Nutritional Supplement for molting.Nekton Bio is a special preparation that stimulates the growth of feathers, avoid pecking own feathers caused by nutritional deficiencies and ensures the formation of a complete and balanced plumage. Administered during the annual molt. Also it is used in the e..
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 Nekton E contains a high percentage of vitamin E (tocopherol acetate). Nekton E is especially suitable to stimulate the reproductive instinct of birds that acts on the reproductive organs and sex hormones, increasing fertility and sexual appetite. Administration of vitamin E before the breeding sea..
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  Multivitamin high in vitamin K for birds in quarantine.NEKTON-Q is a very useful vitamin supplement containing highly active and nutrients. Its composition fully meets the special needs of birds quarantined or subjected to medical treatment...
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Suplemento multivitamínico para pajaros ornamentales.Nekton S ha sido utilizado con éxito durante años por aficionados a los pájaros, parques zoológicos y avicultores. En todo este tiempo Nekton S ha demostrado su eficacia para contrarrestar los efectos de la muda, de los cambios de jaula, de la..
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Tonic NEKTON K for all types of birds that consume seeds is one of the most valued tonics which are currently on the European market.Tonic K reveals its excellent qualities during periods of stress during moulting, breeding or birds for acclimatization of newcomers. It can also be used to put th..
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BETA R Nekton contains vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, calcium and soluble carotenoids in powder form. Nekton R BETA contributes very effectively to maintain and increase red plumage on those species which react in the presence of carotenoids way. Regular doses of Nekton R BETApermiten also i..
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Characteristics: Nekton MSA prevents decalcification of growing animals, as well as females that mobilize their calcium in breeding seasons.Nekton MSA helps in the bone formation of birds when there is a calcium deficiency or during the growth of young specimens. It protects against reabsorption..
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