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Calci-lux is a source of high quality water soluble calcium for birds. In birds, calcium deficiencies can give rise to severe health disorders.Calciolux is a source of easily assimilated calcium, for its good solubility, can be given very simply by drinking water.Calcilux ensures excellent e..
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Hepatointestinal regulator operation.For breeding and molting periods.For liver and digestive diseases (red belly, swollen liver, enteritis, etc.) Indications: Calci-Fort is specially formulated to control the disturbances and malfunctions of the digestive system of the bird ..
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Total CalciumCalcium + Vitamin + Choline ChlorideCompensates deficiency states of calcium and vitaminsDigestive and liver problemsPrevents backflow of the crop during the paste.Target species: Finches, canaries, exotic parrots, etc.Dosage: 10 drops in a trough of 30 ml change..
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CALCICOLINE-P, is a specific product for the treatment of deficiency states in cage birds,almost always produced by nutritional imbalances and excesses of fat seeds.The lecithin included in the Calcitina formula is a fat composed mainly of phospholipids, including phosphatidylcholine, the main sourc..
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Calcimax 500 ml (Calcio, magnesio, Vit AD3E)
Calcimax contains calcium lactate, the easiest source of calcium for animals. Magnesium and an AD3E vitamin complex have been added. Vitamin D3 is essential as it helps to incorporate calcium into the skeleton.CALCIMAX improves the laying, strengthens the skeleton and improves the quality of the..
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Calcium and magnesium-based supplement for the care of your birds. Nekton Calcium Plus will provide you with the necessary calcium and magnesium for the reproductive stages and compensate for nutritional deficiencies. NEKTON Calcium Plus contains organic calcium and magnesium with B vitami..
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Characteristics: Nekton MSA prevents decalcification of growing animals, as well as females that mobilize their calcium in breeding seasons.Nekton MSA helps in the bone formation of birds when there is a calcium deficiency or during the growth of young specimens. It protects against reabsorption..
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Osteobird is a supplement that contains a balanced concentration of calcium-phosphorus and essential trace elements for the body. Osteobird is indicated when calcium metabolism is necessary, for the egg’s shell and in the formation of the skeleton. The minerals are well assimilated by the body. ..
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Serinus Soluble Calcium SupplementThe soluble calcium supplement is a complementary food for all types of birds.Reference species: Psittacine birds, pigeons, finches, canaries, goldfinches, cardinals .......Feeding instructions: Dilute 11 to 23 g of Soluble Calcium Supplement per liter of drinking w..
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 Dietary supplement with calcium and phosphorusThe Calcicolina-P is a prerequisite to correct common nutritional deficiencies that occur in canaries and other caged birds food supplement. At higher doses it acts as an effective medicine for treating liver and digestive diseases.Often seen in..
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