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Hidraplus Avianvet is a product based on electrolytes to dissolve in water that prevents dehydration caused by infectious processes that trigger coccidiosis, enterobacteria or candida, avoiding possible diarrheal disorders.Hidraplus Avianvet is indicated for administration in the paste reducing ..
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Hydrabird stabilises the balance of fluids and electrolytes in the bodies of our birds. It is an ideal product for the prevention and treatment of dehydration, such as cases of diarrhoea or weaning chicks.Directions for use: administer 2 ml of Hydrabird for every litre of water during treatment,..
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Ropa B electro sol is a potent solution that contains electrolytes, amino acids and vitamins and that ensures a fast and balanced recovery of the liquid after an extreme physical performance or after a disease (diarrhea).The electrolytes ensure that the liquid is absorbed more quickly and that t..
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Super medicine (SjoerdZwart)Everyone who has birds has a sick bird from time to time. When birds are sick, they are often in pain. This pain makes the muscles contract and the birds quickly convex on the perch or on the ground. Because these birds no longer eat or drink, they become weak and sick al..
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