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BIO-SCAR is a preparation for the hygiene of pets, especially suitable for the protection and regeneration of the skin.   Allantoin is an agent stimulating the formation of tissue with a remarkable action reepitelizante. Vit. A has a protective action. The wheat germ oil has regenerative prope..
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Natural dermatological solution, sanitizing and aid healing. It is useful in case of wet dermatitis, pyoderma and fungal infections 100 ml..
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Biotopic Avianvet is a natural dermatological solution based on Propolis, Melaleuca Oil and Copper. Biotopic Avianvet is indicated for skin lesions, dermatitis, foot crusts, foot and leg scabies, ringworm and fungi on the skin. Biotopic Avianvet can be used on all types of birds, from small cage ..
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Help cut blood when nails or in cases of minor injuries or minor bleeding cut. They wetted and applied directly on the area that is bleeding...
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Do your birds have scales on their legs? Do they suffer injuries due to mites? Thanks to Legazin dermoprotective ointment, you can cure all these conditions and many more. Apply some of the ointment on the legs of your bird, carefully and massaging the affected areas, or preferably, on all legs a..
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Ornizin Dermoprotector Indicated for the injuries of the legs of the birds, caused by mites or other agents Apply a little of the ointment on the legs of your bird, carefully and massaging the affected areas, or preferably, on all the legs and nails to prevent the infection from spreading. ..
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Ointment for squamous legs. If the birds suffer from scales on the legs. This makes it difficult for them cambinar and even peck. We recommend using ointment scaly legs. Spread a thick layer of ointment on the scabs. Do not pull the scabs! Procesdimiento Repeat this until all the scabs have desap..
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Ointment for corns and escamosidades Tabernil With tarbenil ointment for canaries and ornamental birds in general (parakeets, goldfinches, pigeons, etc.) a number of therapeutic actions epithelial regeneration as soon as possible injuries epiteliales.Se indicates its use should combine:      C..
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