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Complementos proteicos

The Avianvet whey isolate is a protein food supplement, with a purity of 100%. Especially indicated to reinforce the feeding during the periods of breeding and growth of the chickens. It favors the appearance of heat in the reproductive system, it increases the fertility, it improves the rates..
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Casevian Avianvet is a nutritional supplement of slow assimilation proteins, with a purity of 100%. Especially indicated to reinforce the feeding during the periods of breeding and growth of the chickens. It favors the appearance of heat in the reproductive system, it increases the fertility, ..
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Egglight Bird is a food-based and highly digestible vegetable protein equivalent to 100%. Contains a sufficient amount of essential amino acids balanced. Bird Egglight can replace egg dough, thus reducing the amount of fat (which contains egg yolk) ingested by the bird. Bird Egglight also prevents u..
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Yeast proteins for all birds. They are additional food for all decorative birds. In powder form.   administration: Using two teaspoons Yeast Quiko mixed with 1 kg of food three times a week.   Composition: Yeast Guaranteed Analysis per kg: Protein (min) 48.0% Fat (min) 2.0% ..
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Protein Plus Avianvet contains whey isolate, micellar casein and ovalbumin, these are the proteins of greater biological value and greater digestibility in the birds. Protein Plus contains high levels of essential and non-essential amino acids that are transformed into muscle protein during the m..
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 Quiko is basically Plus Extra Beer Yeast enriched with B vitamins and extra levels of protein, amino acids and minerals.   It is particularly suited to enhance Breeding Pasta with valuable nutrients during the time when the chick leaves the nest until the first molt. With Quiko Plus, even wh..
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High protein to mix with pasta breeding Bipal Protein is a biological, vitamin, mineral and amino acids necessary to increase the protein in birds in captivity complement. With Protein Bipal we get:      Increase pulp properties breeding.      Increase the body's defenses birds      Offer g..
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Bote de Brócoli en polvo ForteBird
ForteBird broccoli, is widely used in canariculture and silvestrism, is one of the fundamental pieces for breeding, this vegetable that has a high nutritional value that lies mainly in its high content in vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and proteins.Composition: Cerales, broccoli and excipient.Dos..
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Casein New is a dietary supplement of slow assimilation proteins, with a purity of 98%.   Especially indicated to reinforce the feeding during the periods of breeding and growth of the chickens. It favors the appearance of estrus in breeders, increases fertility, improves laying rates and stimu..
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Complex 11VIT - B Pax Pharma
Complex 11VIT - B Pax PVitamins act on the body avoiding the presentation of a deficiency and stimulating its vital functions. The presence of the amino acids methionine and lysine facilitates the feathers of the young, the molting of the birds and the viability of the eggs.It facilitates the calcif..
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Espirulina ForteBird 100 grs
ForteBird Spirulina is a food supplement for domestic birds. It strengthens the immune system and maintains the natural balance of the intestines.Spirulina is especially helpful during breeding.How to use: Use a teaspoon of 5 grams of spirulina with 1 kg of brood paste, use daily.Composition: 100% s..
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EXOTICS nutritional supplement formulated to meet the specific needs of exotic birds such as Diamond Gould. Formulated with high biological value proteins, alfalfa, omega 3 and omega 6, and carrot. The contribution of beta carotene is essential for proper immune system function. Packaging: 200..
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Avianvet insect meal It is a complementary food for the protein integration of the breeding paste, indicated for ornamental birds such as canaries, European and indigenous fauna, insectivorous birds and waterfowl. It contains 100% Hermetia Iluscens flour without additives that provides a contr..
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Total balance Important concentrate that helps the growth and development of the pigeons muscle mass. Advised during breeding and molting. Format: 500 grs Information of interest INGREDIENTS: Milk and casein whey. ANALYSIS: Protein 51.25%, Fat 25%, Fiber 0% and Ash 4%. INSTRUCTION..
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MUTASKIN-R Treatment of skin diseases and pen, and improves embryonic development during playback.   Supplementation with vitamins, amino acids and essential minerals in any situation where an alteration, growth or regeneration of the skin or the plumage of birds occur.   MUTASKIN-R contains ..
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Ornizin Multivit
Ornizin MultivitTotal multivitamin that will help our birds do not decay and have optimal health.How to use: 2 days a week at the dose of 4 drops in 30 ml or 6 ml in liter or kilo of pasta.Stable in water 72 hours.160ml format..
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Perfect growth Format: 500 grs Information of interest Ingredients: Milk whey, casein, collagen and magnesium. Analysis: Protein 41%, Fat 32%, Fiber 0% and Ash 4%. How to use: Mix 20 or 40 grams of product per kilo of any pasta. KEEP IN FRESH AND DRY PLACE...
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Supraovo, Mineral Supplement + Vitamin C Indicated to improve the internal quality of the egg Indicated for birds at the time of laying to improve the quality of the egg, reduces the incidence of "clear fluids" in situations of stress or after infectious processes (microplasmosis, infectious b..
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Fytomenadion (K1) is essential for bone metabolism better vascular resistance - essential for blood clotting - after administration of a sulfate based and antibiotics. Also with problems peak and / or -less nnas infeciones influence fungal and can help return damage liver! 50 gramos.Fytomenadi..
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