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COMPOSITION: Benzyl chloride, alkyl dimethyl ammonium chloride 20 g; Purified water q.s. 100 ml. INDICATIONS: Pesticidal use and environment for disinfecting livestock stables, pens, yutillaje milking facilities in general. Suitable for species of microorganisms (bacteria and fungi) and common..
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ZOTAL® es un desinfectante, fungicida y desodorizante indicado para la desinfección en general de todo tipo de recintos y viviendas así como para instalaciones de uso ganadero. Con una excelente actividad en presencia de materia orgánica, acaba con todo tipo de gérmenes nocivos y elimina olores mole..
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Insecticide powder quick action. Made with natural pyrethrins, with low toxicity to humans and animals. Odorless and rapidly insecticidal over a wide range of insects. Trays can be applied in the cages, nests and any other infected surface...
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Pronafit Pro-Smoke is a compound, 100% natural, herbal and medicinal oils that eliminates parasites pigeon / bird and also disinfects and clears the airways. To Palomas and all kinds of birds. INDICATIONS: - Eliminates parasites pigeon / bird: thrips, flies, mosquitoes, mites, moths, seed palo..
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Natural repellent powder direct use for preventive treatment against all kinds of insects, thrips and mites. Containing neem extract, natural repellent that does not cause any adverse or toxic side effects.   It contains deodorizing agents that eliminate odors. Recommended for all kinds of bir..
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Goodbye Ornizin Insects Insect free aviary Natural repellent against palomillas, flies and mosquitoes. Target species: Birds and their aviaries, cages and flyers Composition: Natural plant extracts How to use: Spray on insects or room for the accommodation of birds infected with insec..
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Home Shield is a natural, non-toxic and odorless product of fossil plankton. The efficient alternative to chemical agents. Home Shield works fast and prolonged, in part due to its repulsive action, against a multitude of crawling insects including ants, cockroaches, flour episma and isopods. H..
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Insecticide for disinfection of aviaries Active components: Cypermethrin: 10% Appearance: clear fluid liquid. Color: slightly yellow Smell: Aromatic. Applications: Insecticide for zoosanitary use. It is indicated for the control of insects such as flies, mosquitoes, fleas, ticks..
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Insect repellent in nests nidol natur ornizin 200 grs.   It is a natural and harmless product that does not harm chickens, scares off lice and dries the nest, keeping the pigeon's bed dry and free of insects.   How to use: Apply directly to the nest and chickens once or twice a week f..
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