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Lus White Dry White Breeding Paste B13 5 kgBreeding paste Lus super B13 dry white without browning 5kg Preserved with: EEC additives. Analytical content: Moisture content 12.52%. Crude protein 12.91% Crude fat Crude fat 2.61% Crude cellulose 0.17Notes: No colouring agents...
Ex Tax:18.14€
Breeding paste LUS BM15 moult white soft white 5 kg Complementary food for granivorous birds. Mild white pastoncino with egg white without added colouring agents.  Preserved with: EEC additives. Analytical content: Moisture content 10.60%. Crude protein 10.40%. Cru..
Ex Tax:22.27€
LUS BMP 18 morbido breeding paste 5 kg Semi-morbid white paste with egg white, ideal for moulting and breeding. (NO DORE).  Preserved with: EEC additives. Analytical content: Moisture content 10.60%. Crude protein 18.00%. Crude fat 10.00%.Notes: No colouring agents..
Ex Tax:25.41€
LUS Indys breeding paste with Germix 20% 5 kgSemi-soft paste with egg with GERMIX suitable for FRINGILIDS, INDIGENOUS and YARDS with white millet, buckwheat, micro and super micro sunflower, niger, sesame, safflower, hemp in variable proportions, germinated and dehydrated. Preserved with: EEC a..
Ex Tax:27.73€
Breeding paste LUS MUTA BMG Morbid white with germix 5 kgWhite morbid breeding paste with egg white with germix germinated dehydrated seed, suitable for germix breeding (blackish hempseed oats). Semi-soft white pastoncino with egg white. Suitable for moulting and breeding. Preserved with: EEC a..
Ex Tax:25.41€
LUS super 20 dry white breeding paste Lus super 20 white dry white non-golden breeding paste with lus ovalbumin 5kgDry paste with egg white (min. 20%) specifically for breeding. Ingredients: flour type "0", egg whites (min. 20%), milk proteins, egg white powder, whole wheat flour, glucose syrup..
Ex Tax:23.59€
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