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Comedero tapa roja
Bird cage feeder with trapdoor which will have no need to remove the feeder when fill of food.It has a capacity of approximately 55 grams of birdseed...
Ex Tax:0.30€
Golosinero - Vitaminero alargado
Golosinero for all cages.It has a capacity of 6 grams of birdseed about..
Ex Tax:0.08€
Feeder 3 holes with triple hooks innkeeper to birds and easy to clean.Has a size of 8.5 x 3 x 13.5 cm and a capacity of approximately 75 g of millet.  ..
Ex Tax:0.44€
Buveur grande capacité. Boca étroite qui se adapte à ne importe quelle cage. Fabriqué à partir de plastique semi-rigide.Taille: 7,5 cm. diamètre 8,5 cm. hauteurCapacité: 270 ml.  ..
Ex Tax:0.51€
CalesFood supplement with vitamins and minerals in a hard block that helps birds to wear their peak while receiving extra contribution of minerals...
Ex Tax:0.09€
Open loop for canaries of a diameter of 3 mm Open aluminum rings of different colors in strips of 20 numbered rings  ..
Ex Tax:0.66€
Strip split rings for small parakeets cockatiels and a diameter of 6 mm Open aluminum rings of different colors in strips of 10 numbered rings..
Ex Tax:1.05€
Open Loop for exotic birds, cardenalitos of Venezuela, etc of a diameter of 2.5 mm. Open aluminum rings of different colors in strips of 20 numbered rings  ..
Ex Tax:0.56€
Grooved plastic cane 1 meter long and 10 mm. diameter...
Ex Tax:0.64€
Portanido - practicable cabin with metal hooks.With metal hooks and small door sash to see inside without disturbing the birds. ..
Ex Tax:1.64€
Perfect bathtub for our birds.Made of resistant plastic material.With clamp to hold the guillotine doors of the cages and/or Flycatchers.Easy to clean.Measures: 13 high x 13 wide x 15 cm. depth..
Ex Tax:1.61€
Cage safety closureThese closures drastically reduce the risk of birds escaping. They are suitable for all guillotine doors, such as those with front and rear cages.They are easily placed from the outside, and canaries, parakeets, agapornis and birds of similar size are prevented from openin..
Ex Tax:0.10€
Large hook for bucketsFlexible plastic universal hook. Suitable for all types of cage cages that have bars or horizontal reinforcements.Measurements: Height 6,5 cm, width 1,7 cm, thickness 0,4 cm. Distance between the edge of the bucket and the wire of the cage: 4.8 to 5.5 cm..
Ex Tax:0.40€
Simple wooden trough edge to give your pet fresh and clean food you need. It is very easy to use and fits perfectly in the cages of canaries singing ringing.It is advisable to change your bird food frequently...
Ex Tax:0.62€
Great post so that your bird can relax and rest in the contests...
Ex Tax:0.14€
Palo for all kinds of cages with the figure of a bird in the end.Colors: green and orange. Length: 35 cm...
Ex Tax:0.41€
Plastic tub made of clear rigid plastic, with metal hooks and compact structure that prevents parties desolden.Suitable for all kinds of small birds: canaries, parakeets, exotic, Forpus, lovebirds ... Fits any door and is ideal for placing on the outside of the cage, saving spaceSize: 12 cm...
Ex Tax:1.88€
Inside tub made of flexible plastic hooks. Designed for small birds such as canaries, parakeets, lovebirds and birds of similar size.It can also be used as feeder.Size: 110 mm x 75 mm x 33 mm..
Ex Tax:0.25€
Plastic tub with metal hooks for all kinds of small birds.It fits any door and is ideal for placing on the outside of the cage, saving space. By the way, it prevents water from getting dirty with stools.Measurements: Width 11 cm, height 10 cm, depth 11 cm. ..
Ex Tax:1.14€
Innkeeper c / protector greenmeasures 10x9.5x6cm The colour of the article may vary from the photo and may be white, beige or green.If you prefer a different colour, please put it in observations or call us by phone to let us know...
Ex Tax:0.49€
Large indoor bath, made of durable plastic. It can also be used as feeder.Validates for canaries, lovebirds, parakeets and birds of similar size.Assorted colorsSize: 165 mm x 85 mm x 40 mm..
Ex Tax:0.37€
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