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It is a white, smooth paste, egg-free, formulated with high quality ingredients, it is of great taste and esadecuado for all granivorous birds, including parrots and exotic. and especil to lipochromes It contains no artificial colors or ingredients that could alter the natural color of the plumage...
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Suitable for finches, finches and buntings suckers. It also contains crustaceans, proteins, individual and special seeds, grass and dandelions. Our pasta contains naturally occurring substances and / or vegetable that help improve the state of the intestinal health. The proper functioning of the i..
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Suitable for diarrhea, constipation, convalencias after use of antibiotics.It is a combination of natural substances, vitamins, minerals and trace elements and an absorbent effective for regulating digestive action functions. It is recommended in the case of dietary imbalances, regulates the int..
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Our pasta contains naturally occurring substances and / or vegetable that help improve the state of the intestinal health. The proper functioning of the intestines is of fundamental importance for the proper development of individuals.Semi-dry with a high capacity for abosrción Pasta. Does not ..
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It is an ideal appetizing food for the breeding season. makes it very tempting not contain dyes or ingredients that may cause a change in the color of the plumage of birds. slightly moistened; boiled eggs, sprouts, grated apples or other fruits can be added freely.Ingredients: Bread, products an..
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Our pasta contains naturally occurring substances and / or vegetable that help improve the state of the intestinal health. The proper functioning of the intestines is of fundamental importance for the proper development of individualsIt is a soft, white pasta, contains carotenoids or alter the ..
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Acidifying Plus - OrniluckAcidifying powder to add to pasta or feedFurther information:Orniluck Acidifying Plus is a combination of organic acids in powder form that helps to counteract bacterial and fungal growth in the bird's intestine and inhibit mycotoxins present in food. Daily use at recommend..
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Indicated in case of pecking and cannibalism.It is an association of choline, lysine, methionine, trace elements and minerals used to balance and supplement the nutritional intake; It contains the optimal dose of keratin, vegetable meal high protein and mineral content to avoid the shortcomings ..
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Pineta CIP VIT Multivitamins powder soluble in water Polyvitaminic complex with high vitamin value assimilable and essential amino acids. It is recommended in case of growth retardation, rickets, reduced egg fertility and hatchability. Improves the plumage and song of the birds, prepares for hatchi..
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Pastas Blanca Morbida Supreme quality ideal for breeding and weaningIt contains all the necessary nutrients to obtain the best results in breeding and meets all the nutritional needs of young individuals for a fast balanced growth. It has a protein content based on a high concentration of qualit..
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It is a combination of nutritional substances, fructooligosacáridos milk enzymes capable of preserving and rebalance the intestinal bacterial flora. It consists of a selection of microorganisms capable of living the intestine reach and positively promote intestinal health of the bird. The product fu..
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Fast Multipower OrniLuck (Sin Dore)Fast Multipower* Stimulates the chicks to cuddle * Rich in protein* Quick and easy preparation* Improved growth rate* Ideal for wetting the breeding paste* Can be used as is* To add vitamins, pigmentates and medicines to the water* Elimination of mycosis and o..
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Hígalo of Bacalado oil. Improved internal and external mucous membranes and the elaboration of enzymes Higalo.FISH OIL is a natural restorative based vitaminado liver oil emulsified cod and high biological value and energy. It is advisable to use it from the first days of life and throughout the..
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​The WHITE SOFT orniluck morbid breeding paste (Pineta) is a white paste with a high percentage of proteins for companion birds, such as canaries, goldfinches, exotic birds, lovebirds, parakeets, especially suitable for white canaries or mosaics since it does not produce doré.It contains 0.5% mi..
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Pienso Pineta Pro.Complete Preparación 9kg
Complete Feed Preparation for BreedingComplete semi-morbid ready-to-use feed specifically for the preparation of the reproductive season of canaries and other finches. It helps to improve the fertility of the females, reduces the problems that cause clear eggs and embryonic abortion.It allows avoidi..
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Pro.Complete: Complete semi-morbid feed ready to use in the Canary Islands, complete food, balanced and ready to use, substances that promote the balance of the intestinal bacterial flora, silymarin that supports the functionality of the liver and oregano extract that helps the system immuneFully sa..
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Bright Yellow PinetaIt is a nutritional supplement enriched with vegetable protein extracts, Omega-3 fatty acids and colorants to supplement the diet of yellow factors. It contains carotenoids that promote and determine the correct yellow plumage pigmentation through oxidation processes. It can be f..
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Breeding Supplement Pineta 500grBalanced formulation of vitamins, mineral salts, essential amino acids and macronutrients designed and developed to provide all necessary elements for chicks from the first days of life until weaning; it favors a harmonious and correct skeletal and physical developmen..
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Highlight the color of the red factorIt is a food supplement based on plant protein extracts of plants, Omega-3 fatty acids and coloring substances to supplement the diet of birds with red factor. Contains cataxanthin and beta-carotene in optimal proportions to improve and promote correct pigmen..
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Pineta Yellow FactorIt is a specific pigment for canaries of yellow factor, contains natural colorants such as lutein and beta-carotene with dry extracts of silymarin (milk thistle), dandelion and echinacea that help the body during the molting period, act on the liver with a detoxifying effect and ..
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Pro Complet breeding preparation 500 grsComplete supplement for breeding preparationSpecific complementary food for the preparation of the canary reproductive seasonUse: carefully mix Complete Feed Maintenance (Maintenance) and serve in a feeder freely available to the bird as an exclusive food. Mal..
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Azurro Shampoo 500ml- Does not react to the Wood's lamp- Recommended for preparing for competitions- Ideal for lipochrome and melanic birds- highlights and intensifies the plumage- Non-toxic- Does not foam- Recommended for Carduelis, Serinus, Spinus, psytacids, exotics..
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 About Muda Preparation 500g pro completComplement for the MUDA SIN DORÉProduct to be added to the PRO COMPLETE Pineta feed during the moulting seasonFormulated to satisfy the nutritional needs of the birds during the moulting period, favouring a progressive, regular and homogeneous moult. The ..
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Especially suitable for normal move or in cases of difficult or too dumb durable.Vitamins, trace elements, minerals, choline and Methionine combined, are important for maintaining biological balances during physiological stress caused by molting. Help prevent deficiencies and promote the proper ..
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For the embuche of chicks Proteins 26.25%It completely responds to the nutritional needs of our chicks: energetic, hyperprotéic, large amount of proteins and salts minerals It provides the necessary and necessary elements for a correct growth and for the optimal maintenance of the bird. It is ..
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